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It may just be the most warning thing you do today. Steve Austin show. Steve. And she joined by my luscious wife. Kristen. Austin family were in my podcast compound is I deemed it last Tuesday on the show. I've got a bunch of deer heads hanging everywhere. I've got my Pearl bear neon clock spinning around like a rotisserie chicken. I actually have a few clocks in my wife says why are you putting that clock right in front of you? What was my answer? I like to look at neon when I recorded my podcasts. Clocks when I talk. Anyway, I'm trying to get this hang out a little bit. I got to work Matt underneath me. I've got furniture pads everywhere tried to block of sound. I got the door shut. You talk about the other items in here. Well, again, we're doing some remodeling. There's a bunch of damn mattress bed frames and stuff like that. It looks like shit, man. I've been telling everybody for the past. I don't know how many months because as much as time fanatic. I am on a minute to minute second second our to our basis of the day right now, it's eleven twenty five and a half spot cast. I can't remember what I told you guys. I was gonna finally dropped my robots go ranch Margarita recipe. I don't never dropped. It just goes shit. I was doing other things, and basically too lazy to do it and felt a little bad about maybe dropping that recipe because I got it from this place. Kristen and I go to all the time in marina del Rey. And I didn't just want to infringe your copy their gimmick or their recipe verbatim. And then give it out without giving him credit was I didn't invent it. But I don't want to name the place where we got it from to give them credit because I don't want anybody to know where we go you refer. Find the recipe. Well, that's what I'm getting. Because I did refined. It I'm gonna give you both recipes because mine might be a little too stout for you. But I'm gonna give you the one that I got from them verbatim. Try that one out or if you are drinker like me, try mine out. It was a great recipe. But the thing is with the Margarita you've got to take your time and make it, and I know you'll sit there a lot of people that are bartenders or drink aficionados going to listen to podcasts your full of shit. You can make a Margarita fifteen seconds. Yeah. You probably can. But the way I hand craft and slowly construct mind. There's a lot of intelligence research tried and true research, my liver can speak for it passion and just extreme science that goes into my recipe and the way I manufacture each one. And then. You know, I have my basic formula, but dependent after I take that. I I might modify just two frogs hair and put one or more ingredients back into it to add to it. So I'm going to give you a couple of different recipes to precisely. I think the second one is the best one that's going to be my go-to recipe. But anyway, and what's the name of your recipe is brokers? Go ranch Margarita. Okay. And we've been drinking knees. We start off drinking men Danner, south, Texas, and let me give you my history with the Marguerita. And what's that evolution? Well, not really have Lucien but just with alcohol in general when I was in high school. I basically never drank because I was so dedicated to my pursuit athletics football and track. I was always the guy that was pumping iron on concrete patio, outside our bedroom..

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