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It's super easy to read. It's a real easy report. I like it. I don't I don't like it. I can fix it. I can't fix it. I'm scared. I'm not scared. It's that easy. Lays it out in when you're talking about medical insurance boy to get everything in one place and say, really, that's that's how you read it. And that's that easy. Yeah. It's that easy. When we come back. We are gonna talk about Medicare ABC. And and well, stay tuned to hear what they call. It is absolutely really amazing when everything is one place. They actually have a term for it. You're going to know that term after we get back. We're gonna talk about that. So we'll talk to you in one minute. More of the retirement factory with the team from Euclid financial services next. Attention sewers, Euclid sewing club. Need your help? You're invited to join us for a chat and charity session as the Euclid sewing club is starting a new project for our twenty eighteen charitable events. We're donating to the Holly Charette house benefiting women who bravely served our country. The Euclid sewing club is proudly rising to the challenge of taking betting for these soldiers. Our time to give back to these courageous women as they transition back into civilian life by making blankets..

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