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The bottom. Now on the top the systems to give what we got into books. Books sees bringing some wisdom in the refine. So if you see my wife and kids please tell them see nc now three to what he did. Yes yes yes and yes threat out there today. This is the. It's very rare that we will trick highly educated people to be on the show. It's very rare that we we have interviewed Dr Lori Santos for from Yale. Yes we have. We had the late Great Clayton Christensen from Harvard on the show. Yes and now we have yet another person who is smarter than me on the show smarter than both of us put together. Dr Miller here the director of Princeton University Faith and Work Initiative Dr Miller. Welcome onto the thrive time show. How are you sir? Well I'm fine and I just can't wait to see how this flows are. You guys are pretty hot. I've never heard opening music like that before I love it. Oh man just wait. We're just getting started. Just getting warmed up. W- I tell you what if you brought us onto the campus of Princeton. There'd be a lot of complaints soon. Everyone would have their own interests. There'd be restraining orders shortly thereafter and and it would be chaos. Cats dogs would be living together. By the time we got out of their best censor the click and clack of this business right. Absolutely all right. So here's the deal now. I had the article that was written about your research. Emailed to me by a person and then text to me by another person. And they said. You'd like this. That's basically the summer and the article was titled Davis. Turns to the Bible for advice on trust for those who haven't read the article. What are you talking about you know? There's their study after. Study and articles. both academic studies as well as just sort of common sense As where people are saying that they increasingly do not trust the institutions of society and that could be government it could be the corporate world. Frankly it's a number of things And and the the trust is that people talk about a trust deficit. I got to thinking about how 'cause most companies I know. There are fine people and find organization. They're trying to do the right thing. And even good companies Screw up your time to time and have mistakes but actually have a mistake whether it's sort of been suspended part of who you are or off the mishap of how do you restore trust. How do you get your your shareholders stakeholders your clients or even your employees to have trust in you again and and I was having a conversation with it with a client. I do consulting work with and they said well. What do you think that's the way you might turn to religion for some ideas? And they looked at me like a tree is. And what do you mean? Well religions are really good at helping people. Think through path back to get right with God to get their neighbor or their spouse whatever it might be the pathways to healing pathways to getting back into a state of trust with community. So that's what prompted this whole Venture into with led to this white paper that we wrote. Let's say that I am the CEO of McDonald's or former CEO of McDonald's. And I decided to date an employee pop up and I was in fired in Europe in your opinion totally hypothetical. How does somebody go about getting trust back with the organization? How do you do that? Should ensure boss be fired for violating their own policies and dating their employees? Well Gosh is it a few questions for for starters yesterday. What the policy at the policy says you know you cannot date anyone who reports to you and if you're the CEO by definition that means everyone reports to you directly or indirectly so you gotta follow the policy or else your employees quickly view you as a hypocrite and your leadership will be damaged and your credibility slowly erodes. So if you have that policy you gotta follow it And more and more companies are not Say they're not giving someone a or a second chance you breach it. It's proven you're gone even in even in small business. What have you have twenty employees? I think people small business Mama's every doctor it's a small business and even though it's a small big what would you? What would you say if if this is here? Here's a specific situation. We had a thriving who emailed in a question and they have a business. That's doing over one hundred million dollars of revenue true story over one hundred million dollars of revenue and they know that their boss is having an affair with one of the core emailed in wanting to know. How do you handle it? What would you say to boss out there? That's having an affair with a co-worker walk us through this idea. It should the boss be fired immediately. Done no questions boom done. Well that's a trickier conver- conversation because chances are it. Company of that number of employees may not have formal HR policies dealing with this scenario Chances are there's not an ultimate recourse. Because if it's owner founder they hold all the cards. There's asymmetric power There's unless there's a true independent board but chances are that just might be fellow family members so the your your options are few I it also. I think another differentiating character. Church expect fact. Plan that your of affect pattern you're describing is Is in an affair or they both single consenting adults. There's slightly different dimensions to it Different more ramifications as a quick editor's note they were. We let him off the hook. But.

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