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In Dearborn heights show white bungalow just couple houses west off of van born had police there about five o'clock this morning on a report of an assault inside no word from police officially what happened but there was a at least a temporary stand off if you will according to a neighbor across the street from that house Jeff green I just out the window and was all these cop cars out there with the lights on the on the house and they're trying to get people to come out and at one point I saw officers with their rifles from there tactical gear in the back of their police cruisers didn't hear any gunfire noted goody shows in here anything and though the people didn't come out initially they eventually get to children and adults were taken away by police who have yet to learn what actually led to them coming here other than the report of an assault reporting live in Dearborn heights Mike Campbell doubly doubly jade use radio nine fifty alright thank you Mike a pair of police raids on opposite sides of Detroit this morning W. W. jadis radio nine fifties Charlie Lincoln joins us live in local Charlie what they were the first one let's talk about west Bloomfield the swat team there along with Giovanni and Detroit they conducted a raid on a home on seventh street that's in the eight mile and Van **** area police say that they had a search warrant or looking for a suspect responsible for financial crimes as well as large cities in Oakland county the didn't make any arrest of not sure about the evidence if they got any evidence that Michigan state police are telling us that they made numerous raids and executed search warrants in the southwest Detroit for guns including at Draco without high capacity magazine was seized and two men were arrested for a pro or a parole violation and author arrested for an outstanding warrant a lot of police action going on last night and this morning reporting live jelly legend W. J. newsradio nine fifty all right thank you Charlie W. W. J. do this time is now ten oh six eight charge is expected to be filed today against the suspect accused in a triple shooting that left three in critical condition including a child the victims a thirty nine year old man a twenty nine year old woman and an eight year old boy were all shot in the head on Tuesday morning in the area your joint Livernois police say the suspect had a prior relationship with the woman it was chaos at the police commission meeting in Detroit last night.

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