Turkish Army, Ebastine, Mevlude Trump discussed on BBC Newshour


The winning russian athlete at the winter olympic games fails a drugs test his coach suspects his drink was spiked we'll hear about the drug what there we looking up his the amounts of the drug this has been founded lear and songpil on seeing whether that adds up to longer term of abuse school a single one of spiking as well as the shock of drug taking the sport of curling also we'll talk about the justice being meted out to those women who married islamic state mila sense in iraq there is a significant art auction coming up including works by matisse monet and picasso for decades to be found in the rockefeller family my absolute favorite is the you already matisse's odalisque which hung in their weekend house for many many years and the winners at the british academy of film and tv arts wilson known as the best as all coming up after the news hello i'm eileen mccue with the bbc news turkey has warned the syrian government against helping kurdish fighters after reports that progovernment militias would shortly enter the kurdishheld area of a frene in northern syria the turkish foreign minister mevlude trump show who said that no one could stop turkish soldiers who launched an offensive backed by allied fighters on a free last month syrian state media said that progovernment forces would move into a frene as part of a deal with the kurds yes ebastine osha the codes are pretty strong force they be back by the us to be very important in the battle against islamic state group for example so that no pushover but they probiotic match for the combined might of the turkish army and the other forces with them so this is a new development in that battle the syrian government not its own troops again but its forces i think this would be the national defence force which is essentially a semiofficial militia which has been doing most of the fighting on the ground on the government's ball for a long time enough latvia's anticorruption agency has given its reason for detaining the head of the central bank accusing him of demanding a large bright dummy eberhard has more details ylmaz room shavich as has been.

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