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Thirty one degrees tonight mostly clear and cool some patchy fog, low temperatures dropping down to twelve degrees from the WTMJ breaking news center. I'm Tony paddock. A long awaited decision becoming official today. Welcome to Milwaukee. The twenty twenty democratic national convention, Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett among democratic leader. Celebrating the DNC's decision DNC chair Tom Perez at a press conference today at Pfizer forum, where you hold a convention is a very strong statement of your values. It's a very strong statement of who we are as a party. And who and what we're fighting for Milwaukee beating out the likes of other finalists Miami and Houston, even some lawmakers on the other side of the aisle are welcoming the convention to the badger state next summer. Former governor Scott Walker says the fifty thousand visitors enter projected will do wonders for Milwaukee's economy and even the state he says it could also have an energizing effect for conservative voters as well. More than a year of Luoyang off pays off of the city. They're going to be V game. In town. Alex lands res the chairman of the bid comedian is where closely alongside Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett and the DNC for the better part of a year luring, the convention to Milwaukee, Milwaukee prove to be the place that they said, you know, what this is where we're going to have the best time. It didn't hurt that summer is probably the one time. We're able to use weather as a driving factor to come to the city next year's convention will be Milwaukee's first. Mike Spaulding, WTMJ news. Meanwhile, Milwaukee police are searching for suspects have a deadly shooting this afternoon on the city's northwest side. Two women were shot near ninety first-hand. The final. Freeway. One of the women killed the other one injured police say they have no motive at this time. Investigators around the ground effort Ethiopian Airlines plane crash Sunday morning, killing all one hundred fifty seven people on board, including eight Americans in nineteen U N workers since the plane was also a Boeing seven thirty-seven max, many airliners now grounding model even though the FAA says the Boeing seven thirty seven max, eight planes are still airworthy a number of carriers in China, Indonesia Ethiopia and the Cayman Islands have grounded the plane. The two US airlines that fly this exact version south west in American continuing to use it in investigation is already underway. Former F A investigation officials Stephen Wallace best experts in the world are on the way to assist needy. Opium government. Meanwhile on Wall Street Boeing stock took a hit dropping more than five percent. Steve Futterman, CBS news, President Trump seeking major cuts in his proposed budget to congress the White House providing details today. White House budget director Russell vote defended the ballooning national debt on President Trump's watch. He also came into office and had an economic recovery that was needed to put people back to work. Get the economy going into rebuild the military blamed congress for ignoring the president's spending reductions in his last two budget proposals. But of course, Republicans controlled congress the president's first two years in office..

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