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Dot com here is John Aaron and it's good to be with you this morning grocery store employees continue to show up for work during the pandemic now some want to be given the benefits first responders get like access to testing and protective equipment after seventeen years working at giant Dave bracken says he hears from co workers at DC's Alabama Avenue store it hasn't been easy a lot of them take mass transit a lot of them you know their kids are not going to school so that creates issues he thinks grocery store worker should be designated like first responders in DC just because we were out there and we're still working you know just like all the other essential employees mayor Muriel Bowser says she'll see if another non government essential group can be added to receive benefits the UFCW local four hundred union wants are also to limit how many people can be in a grocery store at one time and to make early testing available to workers Meghan clarity WTOP news more evidence of a worsening coronavirus crisis in our area the virus has now been confirmed in sixty different nursing homes in Maryland and governor Larry Hogan also says there is now widespread transmission of the virus in the state there are now more than twenty seven hundred cases in Maryland a number that's tripled in less than a week Hogan says more than four hundred residents who have tested positive are hospitalized of them nearly two hundred are in intensive care Virginia governor Ralph Northam is putting in place a hiring freeze of state employees and is telling agency heads to look for ways to cut budgets in response to the corona virus in a memo the governor's office says that a recession is coming and state revenues will be far below even the most passed amid even the most pessimistic forecasts from last year the state is also having to spend heavily on things like medical supplies metros making even more service cuts because of reduced demand the agency says it'll shut down rail service at nine each night starting Monday metros also cutting back bus service the final bus trips will depart after before eleven each night and continue to run weekdays on a modified Sunday schedule on weekends only twenty seven bus routes will run on reduced schedules if you are out for fresh air there is a warning today if we don't all follow social distancing rules even more park land could be blocked off we will be watching this weekend I do not want to have to close these lands to public visitation because of a few irresponsible people governor Ralph Northam on Virginia state parks and other land many playgrounds beaches and campgrounds are already closed behavior such as parties on the beach sand bar or boats are strictly prohibited so is rafting of multiple watercraft and large gatherings you can be out for exercise especially near your home as long as you keep your distance from people you don't live with Max Smith WTOP news Virginia's house of delegates is still scheduled to meet on April twenty second but because of the pandemic it will not be meeting in the house chamber speaker Eileen filler corn says they are likely to meet outdoors to prevent corona virus exposure the house chamber is crowded during sessions with members sitting close to one another so it would be impossible to maintain six feet of space for social distancing the house clerk is still scouting potential alternatives where the one hundred member body could meet it's also unclear what the Virginia Senate's plans might be when it is in session coming up after trafficking whether we go deeper on the impact the.

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