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Peyton Manning, Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers. You throw them all you could have any one of them. In their prime for one Sunday afternoon and win a game. Are you taking Aaron Rodgers? Would deeply consider it seriously. Consider it I will tell you that Tom Brady is the greatest winner of my lifetime. And I think sometimes can be weirdly underrated because I think people like to hate champions and Tom Brady's awesome I still think weekend and weak out. Peyton Manning is the greatest quarterback of my lifetime, and I'm approaching my mid thirties here. What? Aaron Rodgers has to be right there, man. Our Rogers has been unbelievable of times. So the reason Dominic Fox, what brings this up? Aaron Rodgers could win another M V p this year. Stack another one of those if he could get to a Super Bowl and dare I say, win a second Super Bowl, And now he gets that ring. Count up to two Now you could start really having those conversations where people would look at your side. I'd if you'd rather take our Rogers on one Sunday when he's barroom debates over a Peyton Manning or Tom Brady. Look, I Roger gonna Hall of Fame. There's no doubt about it. What if Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers Have home field advantage this year in this postseason, and what is home field? You say without fans? I get that. But if they go and they are the one seed In an NFC as they said, it's full of a lot of paper. Michele, Let's call it And they fall short. Your head. They lose to the Bears Sunday, Mitchell's Robiskie and they love the Saints to get the ones they'd be really disappointed, too. What? The Packers three times Since they've been a superb in the attitude championship game in Los they can't They gotta win the NFC Championship this year. The energy is aligned where they are, like it or not the most complete team Aaron Jones on the ground. They've Davante Adams at wide receiver. Their defense could still get after rush the passer, But are they perfect? So I think they're necessarily as good as the Chiefs know. Get to the chief justice, the biggest machine but in the NFC The Packers, the best team, the NFC. And coming up short and not getting to the Super Bowl this year, at least, having that chance to stare the Chiefs in the eye. Would be a colossal disappointment. And I actually think the Packers, not making the Super Bowl this year, is opposed to making it. I think that more harm could be done to Aaron Rodgers reputation that mortgage would help them because I think people will still looking him in the Hall of Famer all time champion and I know that could put him over the top winning a second ring getting to the Super Bowl, but You fall short again in a year where the Packers have drafted a quarterback, and Rogers played an EVP level, but ultimately you can't get it done again and NFC championship game when you're clearly the best team in the conference. Or that that rep starts to take a hit. When you debate Aaron Rodgers with Peyton Manning with Tom Brady, How does it not? No Pete, Man against that is share a plate playoff struggles. I get that. But this is an important post season for our Rogers. And it really starts week 17 because the Bears are playing for everything. And I know that the bears we kind of laughed at them because they have been so awful to watch him Something's primetime games. But that offenses playing pretty good right now I know we've we've poured cold water. Laura Mitchell too busy for a long time. Literature. Biscuit might be that back getting hot at the right time, which is the weirdest thing to say. You better go take care of business, the Green Bay Packers and get that one seed. Rest up in that by Because this is an important post season for and Rogers and the Green Bay Packers need to make sure and find themselves in the Super Bowl this year, and I'm sure the New Orleans Saints of saying the same thing could be true breezes last year. But this is a big time spot for our Rogers and boys. We got Rogers and breeze in NFC Championship game when any of us be disappointed, Heck, no. Technology. In fact, I'd argue were rooting for it. All right, we come back. Another Seth Cantor update. Plus, we usually do a tasty top five for college football. When we give you a tasty top five with the NFL week 17 games to kind of set the tables. Well, why not? It's a football Friday. Fuck with your football Friday. It's the D A show on CBS sports radio before you drive the All new Nissan Rogue. You gotta ask yourself how rogue are you going to go? We talk and be one with nature and the desert Rogue. Go snowshoeing in Alaska Rogue or take the long way home just because kind of rogue. Just a question, But with five available Dr most, you're sure to find the answer. Go rogue.

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