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Make any mistakes right. They WANNA make they want cashew it that you can't make states we know what's best for you everything. That's very Asian thing So my mom. She likes to say she stayed out of by tennis. But didn't really you know she always had an opinion and so. I consider myself as being a strong character and I guess at me them. Strong woman And I think that most athletes have to have strong character. It's not an easy thing that we do so it builds strength. You know it either. I think that tennis either made your brakes. You way you know like you. You have scars But my mom always said to us when we were younger my I have two sisters and a brother. My sister's Are Closer in age and we always hang out together and she'd always tell us her daughter's like that we were capable like we have to do it by ourselves. Like GonNa do for you. You have to yourselves but did also create some pressure like you have to do it but you have. You always have to do it you have to do is like us always telling me. Bonnie your fighter. You're you're you're competitive your fighter. That's your life and I'm like Oh we'll on one hand it's great it's very motivating inspired me to be a tough and self sufficient. In far away that's so valuable for any But an exit also sometimes exhausting Clash gunfight fight again today like ill on the court in an I. Guess I guess that's also one of the reasons why an Everybody at some point gets tired of it. You know like this work that anymore. It's it it is a fight every day. And you've got to go up and get up and train and compete activism on Iraq dispatches real matches and we've played thousands and thousands of matches them. Yeah I mean that's I think I'm so appreciative of her or really encouraging her daughters and never seeing it like a a gender a gender issue are just as capable Whenever even never even thought of the difference between boys and girls it just is what it is what it is like we are. We're doing what we WANNA do. There's nothing to do about gender. That's that's so good to hear because I do expedience law. It's kind of strange these things. Where like I'm I'm so appro- quality I champion all the time and then sometimes you meet a bit of resistance. Isn't the right word. But it's like you're you're can of white white guy and you're so you kind of have these opinions because got you know. There's a lot of voices out there that are loud so you think that they represent a bigger population than they do nowadays of technology. It's easy for the loudest people. Just you Keyword say think are easy now while I support you. I think totally valid for any person to say I support equality I support. I support equality injustice sternest and what I say quality. It doesn't mean like you know. Everybody has to be treated exactly same emory circumstance but the goal is to have a to be treated fairly Added justly at night. Think that that goes goes without saying for either. No it's something I see a basic expression. It's almost like certain women have to try so much harder to get the same fairness or attention or stuff so I think that is great for your mother. Really chomping down from a young age. I think it's okay to say yet. Where is sexism yes discrimination exists in the world? And you know I it. Sexism is is huge. I think been bigger than at is the differences in power I think power a inequality of power so with sexism. It's the same it's like it's like it's trying to keep a certain group John and discrimination that it applies across discrimination right so it's more of a power struggle about a gets about Try to give everyone an equal opportunity passing powder. Nothing that's why I admire. Sounds like I'm kissing her ass. Admire Judy so much. As that. One point you and I have a voice and I'm going to bloody well use it to actually champion women our women and help them that can unfairness that. You're talking about Qudos to your mom. So the Yeah I love her to. I mean she's a trailblazer. And I think. Baxter Admiral because in teamed I think like most people Where we had heard talent right like we only do things people are doing it. We only we only been to say. Yeah you know. That's wrong with other people. Do it takes it takes guts and it takes like going against your own fears to to be the job laser. So that's I think why she's so. Add Yeah definitely under percent chapter six we get onto serving up hope which is evangelism Megyn. Charity Joseph goes onto again that can have unequal opportunities in the world and why she wants to set up this charity and I think it was a fantastic almost a nod to last week's guest Dr David Hamilton. When we talk about hosting is much easier to give than to receive. I think that's a very strong message for us all. Hope you've really enjoyed the show. And I hope you enjoy the last chapter of King. Everything you've said in terms of DR disciplined competitiveness. I'm not sure the average person with Dan quit that person to even before they retired. Go I'm going to set up a charity. So is a unique situation for a chance to do before they retire. So tell us about serving up. Hope Yeah says serving. Pope was born at of several years of intentions and a several serendipitous occasions as our big line. Traces of like that things fall into place. I've been to Africa's several times. I love wildlife so I've been. They're gone so far. As of tonight I really discovered a love for Africa and then also My nonprofit dirty work so right now. I work with W charities from an organizational capacity but before that as a player when I had the chance to give back I am especially working with children. That is kind of myself. Slut really enjoyed during one of the times when I I was hurt year and in that period I started working with an organization called acing autism. Which is mainly based in the state provide or rams children with autism. I had heard about them before. I think had volunteered for a couple of their programs. Let's I saw. That was a need in Long Beach where I grew up so I ended up starting a program there. My local high school I contacted a couple of schools in in the area and basically you know from the ground up. Recruited program is branch of Autism. And that was my first. I would say like bigger nonprofit experience Like working but this with easing autism and through that I also did like some fundraising for them Some grants granted. I mean I didn't do any grant writing but I I applied for some grants through the AM. I help them a friend of mine. Applied on the HP side or France for them. So I started to learn about like different pieces of the puzzle of the nonprofit sector and Some I enjoyed more than others and so I started to. I started a Masters Program in nonprofit management. That's actually in that program. I was classmates. With an Austin. Who runs the deputy crew? Ask Your classmates. And so that's how I met in And then combined Obviously my love for tennis and wanted to try to make the most impact that I can which also means I wanna be sensible about the Do Love tennis but also I can make the most impacted tenants to. That's where I have been successful. And I have the most impact have the most network lobster shirt like kind of all of these things were moving along And then I had wanted to start a non-profit But I was scared like I thought it was too much work. It was just Dongting trying to do all of it for myself. You know the legal and tax implications of it like. It's not just something I can. It's not one eventually. I can't just dip out so I knew that it would be a significant commitment And then I happened to chat with a former deputy player who actually runs a nonprofit called her prefer kids and they are actually partnered with debussy charities as well but before that Peanut Harper at. I had a chat with her and I I was just saying you know I had this idea and I really would like to start may nonprofit but I I'm scared also. I had actually wanted to start a non-profit about five years ago when I had stopped Here in Florida with a friend of mine called senior storytellers as you know as you may not know. Florida has very high population of Elderly. People can be tired and I wanted to start a nonprofit that writes the life stories for seniors. I had actually been in. I was at a medical center. I.

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