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It was this. I mean, do you have a? It's such a sensitive thing, but do you think that there was a plot to take out Jim Ross? Because he had been critical of that. They have been critical of his announcing that he was critical while sponsoring it, like, what? What's the real story on on what happened here? I mean, I heard privately. They apologized to him, but I don't know that the anyone's on record saying it was or wasn't planned in a credible way. It certainly crossed my mind put it that way. But I mean, he did say he talked about it in that's podcast yet, Josh Barnett on his podcast was a really good listen. And he said that. Both guys were super apologetic afterward. Barnette said he gave he accepted that, but he also gave him pretty strong lecture, I guess, had it been two different guys. I'm wondering more. For instance, Thomas Tongo was very vocal about Jim Rossi's call and one of the past access shows on Twitter, you know, really sounding off about. We need somebody who knows our names and that sort of thing. There was certainly some backlash and there's been a lot of buzz that maybe some of this was stirred up by the other broadcast team that would like to be calling those access shows. I don't know, but that's certainly been something that's been discussed in the past, but it really seems to have died down. So I don't. It did cross my mind, but when all of a sudden done and they were so apologetic to Ross, I, I don't think they were because of who it was juice. Robinson j Wyatt. I just have a hard time seeing them walking. We giggling go. Now we got him. Yeah, I hope so. Okay. Let's go to good questions left here. But boy, are they lucky Jim Rossio I doesn't strike me as a type of guy is going to file a lawsuit over that. Somebody's already said he'd they're, they're still the broadcast team for access, and that's not gonna change easy. Understandably pissed off about it, but he accepted their apologies. But yeah, I mean, they're, they're lucky. This isn't somebody that would go pay, screw this. I'm calling lawyer about this one. I know. I know. Okay. David holyoke from David from holyoke Massar. David holyoke from s I'm not sure which there's no comments. What do you think is up with Jason Jordan? Have you heard anything? We'll they come back as Kurt, son seeking revenge, or will they try us try to keep us from remembering it and redo American alpha. I do love the dynamic between Gable Jordan annexed in ring and on the Mike. So thanks so much love the podcast. There is part of me that just like as a little nod to Dallas, I think there should be a scene where Jason. Jordan walks out of shower, tolerate his waist, and, and it's just it's just someone says, hey, your dad wants to see you and the camera follows him. Jason Jordan's like like a real life can be an actor even but shows up and goes, hey, and they just pretend like he. And then he tells his dad had this funny dream that Kurt angle was my dad, and they just wait. And then he just looks at the camera and winks and it's all forgotten we move on and then or Kirk, no, that was an edge. Stephanie tells them, no, it wasn't Kurd just back down because he's finally as a character. So it's like Madam meta meta, like all kinds of. Yeah, I, that's the other potential Rollins opponent. I think for summer slim if they want to go. I mean, they may save Jorgen. Maybe he's how the reason that Seth doesn't win this time you ban MacIntyre from ringside or something and Jordan's or want to interfere. So that's possible. I, I like American alpha to I. I don't know. I don't what have we seen from American health on the main roster that makes us think that, hey, it's going to be better this time. So I guess if I'm Jason Jordan, I'm probably hoping for the singles push and I think he was starting to click before the injury. I it if things were starting to get fun with that character. So and he has that history there with Rawlins. So yeah, I wouldn't be surprised at all if that's a direction they go in. Let's..

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