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All right, welcome back. Okay. So like I said the middle finger. Yeah. So here is here is the origin of why the middle figure is so offensive the middle figure the middle here is the me do that again takes you back here is the origin of why the middle finger up is offensive. Okay. So during the Hundred Year War, okay between the English and the French armies. I hope the big hundred year war or the Englishman, you know the bow and arrow guys. Yeah, but they had the larger starts The Archers can think of it the archers. Thank you would like the Longbow and they would be basically they were like fucking snipers. Yeah. They were like, they would shoot there be able to shoot the Longbow from anywhere. Boom poop. The French were like, you know this bullshit they got these they got these archers there like snipers wage. Taking us out left and right. So anytime the French army would capture a longbow Soldier they would cut off his middle finger because it was what he used to draw back the bow. No shit when the English longbowmen would come across the French army and Escape they would stick up their middle fingers at them like as like a basically as like an act of defiance of like ha ha stick on the middle fingers like it's still shoot my Longbow like fuck you baby is right and that's how the middle finger became a derogatory. That's awesome. I think I heard a different history lesson for the middle finger back, but I that's I felt some fucking love that story story. I actually think that we should turn into a short film. Oh, absolutely. I think that's I think that would be a great job. Absolutely. So yeah, that's cool. You know, we should tell Daniel Tosh cuz Daniel Tosh did in his stand-up or whatever. He saw like who got so mad one day that he was just like, yeah. Yep. Yeah, exactly. Was it Dane Cook either way, but yeah, so that is the that is what I found as far as the history of the I don't know why it was a part that it's fricking ridiculous do that's awesome. I love that song. Okay. So let's move real quick into Florida man. Yeah, let's go floor mat. Here we go side note one of the floor mats stories today. We would need a theme song for it, which we should we should find one. We should find a flaw we should be fined doing the pain thing again. We should find a Florida Man theme song..

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