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The wage should hello everyone and welcome to another episode of inside the studio on iheartradio. My name's jordan runtaugh but enough about me. It's hard to know where to start with my guest today. She began her sixty year career as a folksinger honing her craft. And the greenwich village clubs. That fostered the likes of arlo. Guthrie and bob dylan in the early sixties. Since then. she's become one of the most beloved interpreters or popular song elevating early compositions by leonard cohen. Joni mitchell into era defining classics a brilliant songwriter. In her own right. She's used her one of a kind voice to champion social causes and the endurance of the human spirit. Now she's using her voice in a different way as a podcast host this summer. She's launched a new biweekly interview series entitled. Since you've asked the show finds are deep in conversation with an array fascinating. Friends including clive davis actor. Jeff daniels christiane poor and many others. She's like in their chats. Virtual dinner dates which allowed to keep social in the age of cova. The podcast is far from our only pandemic project earlier. this year. She restaged her legendary nineteen sixty four concert. At new york's town hall the show. The helped launch her career this time around. She played nearly the same selection of songs with her voice as strong as ever but one major difference was at the theater empty. The audience tuned in the livestream alive. Album of the performance will be released on august twenty seventh. It'll follow her. Latest musical offering white bird. An anthology of her favourite recordings bolstered with a few revamped re imaginings of classics. And she's also hard at work on a new album of original material as well. Suffice to say she probably significantly busier than you are and as such an extra grateful for her time. I'm so thrilled to welcome. Miss judy collins. Thank you. it's a pleasure to be with. You have so many things. I wanna talk to you about but i wanted to start with your amazing new podcast. Since you've asked it's such a wonderful project to do in the midst of lockdown. I think you've said it's almost like a dinner. Dater dinner party in that really comes across. How did the start for you. Well first of all. I i love the zoom potential and i use it all the time you know in in new york. My husband and i live here and of course the lockdown started and our we have normally. We have a social life. We have dinner with friends few times a month so we just continued that without the dinner. We had podcast with friends and that went on has been going on and still going on because now there are some people who have kind of been out of the city so we do the podcast them or if they've decided to venture out we'll go to dinner with them so that that very much has been my social life is very important to me. I believe in the healing and intellectually stimulating contents of discussions with friends. I think it's it's part of the stuff of life and you if you if you are denied it you can wither on the vine. So that was that was going on. And i think my manager and i were talking one day and she said. Why don't you do that with some people that you can have a longer conversation so we decided to start doing the podcast which i just love it. I think it's it's a privilege to be able to to appear into. Somebody's life in a more for instance. I won't break this open entirely. But i did do. Show a podcast with my old friend. Clive davis and one of the nice things is that i'm not a client. I'm a friend. I've known him for almost sixty years now. And so there's a way to talk to somebody that's different than if you're a client and on the other hand then my own the head of my label jack holtzman whom i've known for sixty years to and he's a very close friend and i am sky was client and i- i- lecture records. You know started my life and and so on so i i know a lot about him and he about me. So it's a different kind of thing in both cases but both satisfying interesting educational and a lot of fun. I was going to ask you about the jack. Holtzman interviews one. I'm really excited to hear. Just because as you said you do go back up such a long way and he has such a big role in your life and your career. Yeah incredible role incredible role. Tell me more some your guests so far on the ones that are out. Now we've heard Jeff daniels and julia cameron. Who who else do we have in there. I think arlo guthrie. I think is one of them are coming along and are low and i of course i met arlo when i i did my first new york show. It was one thousand nine hundred sixty one. And i in on the old days the old days when i started in one thousand nine hundred fifty nine. My first job was in boulder colorado at a place called michael's pub and it was. It was a pizza parlor and kind of glad you know. Upper upper echelon pizza parlor from from takagi and the sink. Which were two of the real place where you just get down and dirty drunk and michael's pub was a step up and he had music. He had barbershop quartets and accordion players. And then i had been asked by my husband. I didn't get a job doing something. I knew how to do because i was doing a very bad job at filing papers at the university of colorado. And so my father got me an interview. An.

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