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Hundred fifty pounds that's hundred fifty times fifteen is about twenty two hundred calories also prioritizing seizing prioritizing pro protein slowdown David about one gram of protein per pound of body weight is so if you're wanting to build muscle of that Sir a good rule of thumb and then fill in your fats at least twenty percent of your calories should come from friendly fats not the frankincense because that maintains your hormone levels and make sure those those fats are things like nuts and seeds and avocados and salmon sunflower or pumpkin seeds coconut and all of the scores Ellen diversifying the carbs you eat in the date on it the other comp you want to eat complex or complicated carbohydrates not the refined version snow white carbs rice pasta bread go for the whole grains like quinoa and you'll get month both protein and carbohydrates are right okay here's a study they found that exercising regularly could have an anti aging effect on the body this was just this week in the news last week how will we know not for decades if not centuries serving this these findings are published in the journal nature metabolism and they stated that I quote it could one day potentially lead to a pill that works as a substitute for exercise he's had a laugh out loud when I was reading this study doctor Thomas rounder of at Stanford school of medicine said we found that regular exercise restores youthful destitution repair because they conducted that study showing that tissue regeneration decreases with age and the result of declining function in adult stem cells of course that's one thing that exercise stimulates what are the benefits of course which I don't have time to cover but the last line of the report it's a telling doctor Rando basically suggested that if we can develop a drug that mimics the benefits of exercise it's we wouldn't have to exercise three month doc there will never be a pill that totally replaces that a multitude of benefits that exercise if you all right let's see were running a couple minutes behind it.

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