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Have a fiscal sponsor. Our five oh one c. Three application is in a time. Yeah we're in that middle ground. But they can. They can make donations that are tax deductible And yeah every you know everything you you know you support and feed your your feeding someone. You're helping provide A nourishing meal. You're also helping us you know. Help people get materials about their own health and the climate etc kosher. You're supporting the climate. I replacing that meal with a plant piecemeal and is at work. Like you can pick a restaurant like i want to choose this restaurant and donate to that one and then they will provide the food that goes to where currently yes. It does how that's not tax deductible though because legally that would be sort of a money. Laundering got the donation directly to the restaurant. Then the restaurant his donating to us. If that makes sense or you can just donate to our general. Finding you could specify a city you could say like to be in a. Or philly or new york or something. How do you identify where the where the meals get delivered. We always great network of wonderful organizations. And like i said we really tried to partner with org where we can make an impact for them. They're interested in what we're doing in providing this healthy food for their for their families. So you know. We're we're looking at organizations in these areas of food apartheid in that. Have these community bases you know. Newer earthlife is an amazing organization. Has kids from thirteen to twenty five. In instead of incarceration or between incarceration also fed all their families. So it's where we can make the most impact with people who are food insecure but also really make a larger impact to create systemic change in the community and with what's available to them or what they can real solution not the band aid. The bigger solution. You gotta do something around the release of. They're trying to kill us when that movie comes out hundred percent. Yeah i see. I'm waiting for that. We have some great plans for that to lilly. So i i hope they get great distribution and everyone can see her walls. Good talking to you so nice talking here. I'm such a huge fan of you and your family and everything that you guys are about. I just love it all and please consider me a support system for you if you ever need anything and good luck with the tour and everything that you're doing. Yeah i really appreciate the work you're doing and it's super inspirational. How you've raised your kids in the example that you said and how you lead with service. Yeah and salary me you. So if people want to connect with you obviously sport v dot org and then nagy and baird on instagram airbus. Yeah and support and feed on instagram as well right instagram. I think we have to talk to either now or shortly. I love watching the cooking thing that you did with toby. His son their they're superstars per fun with a comeback talking to you again sometime shit piece plant. Thanks for listening. Everybody for links and resources related to everything discussed.

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