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Segments. We're talking about what is going on internationally, which I think is a type two. We have not. We focus internationally. When we saw what happened in with Covid we've seen we focus internationally a bit when we obviously with the conflict with Israel. Ed Hamas, but that's over. We kind of said okay back to what's happening domestically, understandably to appoint because of our old countries, issues dealing with Covid tried to reopen getting back to a sense of normalcy. But when you do that, you start forgetting what is going on around the world. So we're going to be focusing it on that with two people who do know a lot about what's going around the world, of course, with record now. Anybody. Pompeo? Uh, What are Nigeria this process of getting to a point as a country that for a while was actually a symbol of how Christians and Muslims could live together. It basically 50 50 state to a country that is no longer big is able to protect its citizens. Is considered a country of concerned at the State Department because of the of religious liberty issues and then in Germany. See it uptick in support from Hezbollah and actual Hezbollah supporters are the grounded Germany we talked about. That was Ricardo, who is a former ambassador. Germany's There's a lot to talk about their In the second half hour to get into what's going on with Israel. So it's a lot of this to be. I think you probably all see the flash of the news. Uh, it's prime Minister. Yeah, who stayed going? What's happening there with this government? We're gonna allow that work five elections in the last three years. So we're going to get into that as well and take your phone calls. You know, it's interesting because Andy, the one thing you could say clearly about Israel. The politics are not predictable. We've we've been there with multiple. We've worked with multiple prime minister's going all the way back to Ariel Sharon, uh, was, I guess the first one we really worked with in 2000. And then, of course, Benjamin Netanyahu. A good Barack. Um and then? Yeah, go ahead and go ahead. We also work with Ehud Olmert, as you remember right in order to get the patriarch of of Jerusalem, confirmed by the Palestinians, the Jordanians and the Israelis and you were instrumental in meeting with Ehud Olmert, the prime minister. Me and our colleagues, Stewart Roth at the prime minister's residence on the Sabbath. He made an exception for us, which is an enormous concession that he made. So we know the complexity of the multifaceted view of politics in Israel and generally in the Middle East to Yeah. And, of course, Israel its coalition governments, and we're gonna explain what all of that means, because there's a lot of moving parts right now. Looks like a new coalition has been formed that Benjamin Netanyahu may be out. But let me tell you what you do with Israeli politics. You could have a coalition and it literally lasts and Jordan you know, this could last for a month a week, and it could be over whether they have it. I mean, just announcing that you have one. Is that the votes? It's not actually moving forward. You said that you've got to actually have those people for belies their votes. And after you're elected, they're just like here. You know, If you elect you can elect someone who read as a Democrat, they could decide they want to become a Republican. And there they could do that. After you elect them. But that happened in the United States Senate right, which shifted the bouts power to the Bush administration. Exactly And you that as a voter when the next election cubs, you can decide if you like that or not a lot of times that's done to reflect your the demographics of your in your state. Israel's issue. There's been a coalition of moved to say. Yeah, Who's been there long enough. Basically. So you've got conservative members ended. Liberal members ended and the Arab parties and that's the real big question. Mark how long they stay around? Uh, They're saying because the Abraham accords they're saying, why are we not getting the benefits that of being in a state that's got all these resources in a country that's got all this this, uh, this ability to take care of its citizens. But if you're not part of the government, you don't get as many resources and so And then you got Hezbollah, which we talked with Rick about increasing their footprint Internet internationally, including Germany, So we got a lot to talk about. Share this with your friends. Let them know what's going on on radio. Let your friends know looking forward to getting into conversations. Rick Grenell coming up and then Mike Pompeo. The challenges facing Americans are substantial. At a time when our values our freedoms or constitutional rights are under attack. 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