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A third around guy in standard leagues dion lewis is a six round guy in every major category dion lewis was better than derrick henry last year including short yardage situations in fact derrick henry fourth worst percentage than football and third in short he converted thirty forty percent of the time we got some derrick henry heaters body to the first road and so you gotta pay a draft price mike do you want to more than guys know penny no doug baldwin no tyreek hill maybe no maybe agi maybe warmer warmer now the reward is that look he comes in like a wrecking ball and scores ten touchdowns by lisa yeah i don't think that nicknames going to stick but to shorter years ten touchdowns i mean five year from derrick henry and if they choose coaches can be stubborn about this they can go into the season and say dion lewis is going to be our third down guy and he's going to be our between the twenties guy and durkin get in the bonds of the twenty no matter what and inside the twenty he was actually okay in the in the red zone so he's only stuff six times in the red zone so maybe he gets an extra red bull into system and finds a way there where he can't find it all over the field i don't buy in i'm with all the booze i think that you're talking about probably seventy thirty chance that you're disappointed in paying third round price for derrick henry so well myself on the record in the case between the thickness in the quickness oh yeah you're going with the quickness i'm team thickness i've got derrick henry finishing ahead of lewis and fantasy points okay i'm the only person in the known universities in the audience oh they're called for a water bit oh oh waterbed agreed agreed the quickness and the thickness they call you and i'll take the path in the middle fifty fifty that's fair i can't be wrong that's the jason more special all right we got in the mail bag so we got one more each all right let's hear it i wanna talk about mark ingram because there is risk step one it's called the fourgame suspension knocking to score a bunch in those four games no he will score approximately zero points last year weeks fifteen through nineteen nineteen means that they played in the playoffs just wanna make sure people threat chimera was getting more touches i know that people are bringing it up i will say it's not a lot however in that important ten zone ingram got one opportunity to chimeras four ingram getting squeezed out of those goal line opportunities ingram's twentyeight he's on a contract year do they squeeze the last rop or do they move on a player who is being suspended for the first four games is being drafted at the beginning of the fifth round as the twenty fourth running back to saints have a bye week in week six heading into week seven you could play mark ingram once no thanks that's that's pretty close to half of your fantasy season now here is the reward for mark ingram this isn't the first mike it's not the first time we've seen a short season for mark ingram and that did not stop him from being a dominant fantasy running back two thousand fourteen only thirteen games running back fifteen two thousand fifteen only twelve games running back thirteen that would be clear reward if you're drafting the running back twenty four and i want to talk about these opportunities from week ten on chimera forty fortyseven targets ingram in that time thirty two targets that puts them on a seventy three target pace he's still getting fraternity especially in the passing game he was still seeing seeing double digit carries nearly every single game he was running back six last year now here's the reward i really wanna talk about on this show we talk about second half players frequently we all know because we play fantasy football guys show up on championship teams frequently have fresh legs mark ingram mmhmm is going to have the freshest the freshest of the fresh so fresh clean so fresh how about a player who has been a top ten running back for the past two seasons heading into week seven has only played one game that's very interesting you're spinning his complete absence as a positive you have yes actually i am and i know that there's risk because you've got to carry them granted you're not taking zeros for marking because you are prepared for this suspension.

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