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They just wrapped up a crash on the Nassau expressway eastbound by the JFK expressway over at the at Tappan Zee Cuomo bridge there is a thirty five mile per hour speed restriction that is because of the high winds George Washington bridge heading into town should have any problems all the construction's been cleared away outbound as well link internally so the south to close with construction and the Holland tunnel the inbound road work has wrapped up our next traffic updates in ten minutes on seven ten W. O. R. is to is to after five o'clock let's get to weather with meteorologist race did you get the weather channel and always promising it a good weekend but I do we have to deal with rain again today bring Joe just a little bit now like we saw yesterday where post World route three quarters of an inch to just over an inch of rainfall in and around the city the last their door the World War and to the door up throughout the valley that's where there are still some flood watch is in effect through eight o'clock but that's because there's going to be another bout of showers here in the city north Jersey Long Island southwest Connecticut in both of northern burbs out through our walk Rockland Westchester county George county xterra although the war there is going to be another batch of rainfall the steady rain that'll be about a hundred miles north of us you know so I don't think we're completely done with the rain but the steady at the man heaviest rain which we thought that came overnight looks like it is over with so I settled today so does look good for the weekend we'll get to that in a second let your knees so hang on we've got showers right around today this morning that adults will get storm latitude about big day there's gonna be a couple Avalokiteshvara can't destabilize that could bring a few showers and thunder showers back as we get into the afternoon temperatures will be in the mid sixties the list we mild well a little less winter the winter backing down and not widespread recalled further shower which will be isolated from where he had a pretty good clip it just isn't going to be wrought widespread but still it does look like the groups will come tonight will start to clear fifty city right on target for normal suburbs will be in the forties and then we're gonna start out one tomorrow still looks great you know sunshine and clouds along low seventies and by Thursday we could get into the middle seventies yes stretch maybe for the upper seventies near eighty with a mix of clouds and sunshine and it works out like it looks like it's gonna work out even into Monday we should have some dry weather so it's been pretty hard to say cruddy thanks the last couple of days but big improvements coming really looks like we are going to have a good looking weekend for Saturday Sunday anything else like that comes maybe a passing showers we get into tomorrow night but doesn't look like it's going to be anything significant I think we're gonna be in pretty good shape sorry that's great Hey we deserve a good weekend thank you ray meteorologist race did you get the weather channel itself liable for this report is sponsored by discover we treat you like you treat you get your free credit score card today even if you're not a discover customer it includes your fight go credit score and checking your score card won't hurt your credit learn more at discover dot com slash.

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