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By our sister station kpi tv as it happens the reverend al sharpton will deliver the eulogy and then it will hold a news conference after clark's burial which is at a cemetery not too far away hundreds of people already turning out many more coming to pay their last respects some of them knew and loved stefan clark others never met him at all but their touched by this case and the controversy the twenty two year old father of two young children shot and killed by police eleven days ago when they mistakenly believed the cell phone in his hand was a gun and of course that's shooting sparked protests all over sacramento for days the ceremony scheduled to get underway around eleven o'clock we're told it will last as long as two hours which seems a little long might be a little bit shorter than that but we'll have it for you and bring you you all the developments here as the day goes on live in sacramento doug sovereign kcbs the sacramento kings basketball team says it is partnering with black lives matter to create an education fund for the children of stefan clark the kings made the announcement on their website protesters angry over the police shooting of clark of twice blocked fans from entering golden once after the nba teams downtown arena the kings also say that they're partnering with a group of local leaders called build black coalition to support what it terms transformational change for black communities in sacramento ice agents have made five unsuccessful attempts to get into santa clara county jails over the last two weeks kcbs is mike cogan reports the two most recent tries happened just yesterday morning ice agents were mistakenly allowed into santa clara county jails on march seventh and eighth sergeant reggie cooks they tried again the following week on the fourteenth and they were denied at that point they again tried on monday to twenty six what they did was they went over to elmwood tried to enter through the first main entrance and then circle back around to a back entrance where we house are women inmates ice agents have made five attempts in the last two weeks county supervisor dave cortege he had this reaction at this point you have to figure that we're being targeted i don't think that's any secret anymore they've been out here sessions has been out here in california said basically said that i'm going to.

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