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Welcome back to the savage nation as we steamroll our way towards easter and passover loop eight here with you dr savage we'll be back here on monday and for those of you have your nine to five you have you're alive you're very busy if you did not here at the start of the show dr savage was here as a guest on his own show and he wished everybody a happy easter and a happy and safe passover as well so even when he's not working he is here eight five five four hundred savage and remember pick up a copy of god faith and reason for the easter and passover season and for your latest headlines go to michael savage dot com we're talking immigration we're talking omar mateen's wife nora salman being acquitted we're talking about assisted suicide in hawaii interesting a lot going on let's get back to the phones let's go to jacksonville wb ob meghan meghan i'm just i'm just a few hours south of you in palm beach county down here we'll we'll have to share our florida knowledge how are you i'm fine how are you doing what what's on your mind today and i like your optimism meghan i liked that i like i that that that is the official term i'm going to us from now on a screwy deal perhaps he's getting one point six million only but that is a star he's a businessman he's got something of his sleep just do this to give them money and settle for less money you watch him he's gonna come up something else and he'll get the rest of that money and the wall will be built.

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