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Where the cadaver goes missing. An says mcallister think she's called. Is the wife of a famous woolmer merchan- and she she dies near christmas. I want to say near. Christmas and word on the street gets out. That there's been a snatching and one of the young students are apprentice. His runs back to granville. Park shop. patterson's school who's the best on college straight and says there's been a snatching you best get rid off or hide. The cadaver and he says was dispatching from two to to snatchings that night. One from ram's horn kirke adam one from the cathedral and the boy got mixed up and he said is from the cathedral and we're all right then i was from someone kirk at. They were looking for hours. Obviously they they. The thirties came knocking on the door. And they attracted down track the down to two college straight and when eventually got into look at the anatomy skills. They literally turned upside down. There were the this is probably about the gruesome. This story that we get over here Couldn't the people of spe speaking to us to gino. Chris yada haunted ohio books. She's on twitter as well. She designed body snatchers yet. We're fantastic chat about the differences between american and english but he's not american in uk and they expression a like the vats that where the bodies were kept. Were were cropped. Up quite a lot. And so fats. If brian basically and so cadavers popped into that another one in the in in glasgow in rams on that was stolen from rams on kirk yet the vat when ten to was full of of heads and they would put their hand in and fixed around to try and find these heads and try and find the head of mrs macallister. They did find ahead and they went through. The authorities. Went through college straight Anatomy go basically with a fine tooth. Come just and finding random body bits. They didn't actually find mrs macallister. They found random bits And basically put together like a human jigsaw back on the dissecting table and the said well this this is her her brothers with a An identified. I think it was because she she had a kid knocked her. Some had a bruise nail and they identified from that nothing to say that the rest of the bits that were found were hers she When it came to court it was discovered that they the cadaver on the table was not the cadaver but the bits of the cadaver on the table wherever the young woman who had died virgen where mrs michaela stores is and i think she was early eighties and she had children so wasn't wasn't But she this..

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