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This next podcast was named Twenty-eight teens best podcast for aspiring comedians by vulture, not because it talks about how to succeed but about how to fail the need to fail with Don. Finale features comedians and entertainers at the top of their game talking about all the rules. They didn't get all the shows. They bombed all the times the shit and their dreams felt more elusive than ever and how they persevered through those times and the following clip, Don talks with comedian writer and improviser Neil, Casey. So he kept your car. You have your car in New York on my car, New York. And then I thirty days to figure out like where I'm gonna live in what's going on. And the answer was ended up being that I lived nowhere for five months and. I packed through a ton more shit. I got a storage unit over on the west side highway for the stuff I kept that wasn't in my car. And and then I was homeless for from April of twenty twelve and till September of twenty twelve or mid August of twenty twelve when I moved into Nikko cher's room with that I rented with grant O'Brien, Barry, and Lenin just good people there, right? And part of it was like, I called it. A was it was like you'd say controlled homelessness because my thinking was if I if I can just there's some places that needed to be including. The the torque oh trip to South Carolina Williamstown theatre festival where I teach improv classes in the summertime my family, rents a beach house in June. So there was like if I could just cover this week's then I basically wouldn't need to pay rent for like I thought like three months that ended up being a little over four. What did you do? Did you do this? I ju- stay I stayed at my brother's a little bit a couple of nights. But he just had a bedroom. Did people know did you tell anybody about the people? I asked to stay with did. Yeah. But no one else knew nobody else knew because Heinsohn. We're doing our show anytime Hines that I would do small men. I would stay at his house the night before. Right. And I'd sleep there. And then we would. But did you tell him? I don't have. Okay. My closest friends new and I say, hi state. My brothers. I stayed at Dan blacks, one time, I stayed above bands. Right time. Right. These are all right in Manhattan too. Yeah. Yeah. Kinda kinda kinda keep it that way. I lived at the green point YMCA for a little while with a lot of a lot of old guys where are you mentally during this? How are you are you determined or are you like fucking low? Well, I was throwing I in in retrospect, I believe that what I was doing was I was eliminating absolutely everything that I had going on in my life. So that I could like reboot the few things that I think would actually work. Another very exciting addition to forever dog this year was the beloved cold sensation podcast, the ride a show about theme. Parks hosted by three childless men in their thirties. Mike Carlson.

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