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Of, um and, of course, Sean Penn. Played the role of the stoner Jeff Spicoli in this movie ideas and tasty waves. Cool buzz. There wasn't enough smoke Holy in the movie, though. I always thought they could probably give him a spinoff in it Still would have been good. Yeah, 23 years ago in 1987 Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Are you ready to say? Damn, I'm old Already. South Park debuted this day to 23 years ago. 23 years ago, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the animated brilliance of those to the creators of South Park. I love South Park, Man. I'm all in And here's what I appreciate. They will take on any subject politics be damned equal opportunity offenders. They are my favorite episode of all time. And it actually taught you something you didn't realize. Until the end of the episode was the election episode. And this was when Bush and Carrie were doing their thing running for the presidency. There was an episode of South Park where the kids had to choose a new school mascot, a giant douche or a turd sandwich. Attention students. We have tallied your mascot nomination sheets, so here's the first most requested candidate. A giant douche. Hey, have we got school spirit? We've got spirit. Yes, we do. Giant dishes. May I dio And now your company A.

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