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At number nine is Bruce Davis, a member of the Manson Family Heo and a convicted killer. The Bruce. Davis theory has been mainly championed by author and conspiracy theorist, Howard, Davis who claims that Bruce Davis was never pursued as the Zodiac because it would have interfered with the Manson case I mean. Okay. Now I like it would have been a good thing because it's like kill two birds with one stone. You would think so right? I would think. So while Bruce Davis was actually one of the first members of the family to commit murder on Charlie, Manson's orders. All right and he was convicted of killing two people. So he has it in him. Yeah. He definitely has it in him. But. I don't really think any of these fools were capable of planning their own murder without Charlie's instructions I. Just I agree with you, I think they need the blueprint. Yeah. They definitely do need a quick outline of the nights. Need a how to guide. Yeah, they do. Well, I had mentioned about the conspiracy theorist. Howard Davis was involved. Now, he feels like Bruce's involvement in the Manson, family murders was, what made it possible to cover up the fact that he was? Zodiac. Okay. I mean. I think we're relying too heavily on that. I, think we are too I. Think it's a bit of a Crock Okay Howard, but Howard thought that it was covered up because it would have jeopardized the Manson murder convictions. I can see where he's coming from, but I also have like an argument or fresher. So Howard could actually be onto something though because the Zodiac murders took place around the San Francisco Bay area where the Manson family did live for some time. Interesting. So there's that there were also other people in that area. Many other people. I. Mean Not technically not like convicted murderers. So like okay, that's like a check one for go off, Howard go and according to Howard. One of the victims of the Manson. Family had a relative. That hired a Pi to find evidence on the Manson family for the Zodiac killer. Well, that's a little more appealing to me. It definitely is if a family member of a victim thinks. So then like what are they going to? Tell me what why I know. I wanted to that. I want to know more and you know he also says that a source in the La District Attorney's office. told him that there was evidence leading Manson to the Zodiac. We'll show me the evidence I know whereas an iron said, it's been a while I. Want It. I mean, it could be legit because if you remember the Manson women did take most of the spotlight. It could have been like a cover up and Bruce could have been quietly able to kill as EAC while the girls were getting all the attention. That's true. I? Mean they did put a lot of focus on them. The only thing is I just don't believe those dirty hill people would come up with ciphers and stuff. Yeah. They're they're too busy trip seems a little more like high level than what they were working out with all that Bella Donna. They were third trip and on, I was trying to remember what that was called. Thank you. Ain't. Number Eight on our list of Zodiac killer theories is a man named. Jack Terrence this theory comes from Terence's Stepson Dennis Kaufman who claims to found suspicious items like a black hood and Terence's belongings way. So like are we talking like a black hood like or like a Black Hoodie? People have black hoodies. I'm assuming it's like the black like executioner's hood. I would think so that the Zodiac I mean, I don't have one of those. No. I don't either just for the record, but I, if I found one I, don't think I would necessarily be like Oh. No, my dad is the Zodiac at Billy Dad. What is this was like dad what Halloween? Did you dress up for? You? WanNa, Talk Dot. Well Dennis Kaufman also claimed 'cause right now. It's like okay. I don't know if I believe. Her Ramsey, well Dennis. Kaufman. Also claimed to have found a knife food tried blood on it. Well, that's a little less flimsy buried. The lead on that one. Definitely, Kaufman claims that the handwriting on Zodiac ciphers also looked very much like his stepfather's I, feel like his stepfather like fucked him over somehow. Yeah. Something happened there. Yeah. It's all these people being like my dad. Did it. My. Dad I'm real Madam on. Dad Today. Zodiac. There's a running theme so far. I barely been mad at my father, but I've never been so mad at him that I'm like, I'm GonNa accuse you being Zodiac killer. I don't know if my dad listens to this. I'M GONNA, go ahead and plead the fifth. I can say that you've never written into a newspaper accusing him of being Zodiac killer that you know of that I know of at least Oh. Maybe, you should be on this list. Totally kidding now, there was no follow from investigators on Terence's suspicious items claim. So I'm thinking it's either there was nothing worth pursuing in the first place or they just didn't find or maybe they just didn't feel like at that day, you know how this police work can be. Yeah. I mean they lapd and like the nineteen thirties was not killing and definitely not. I mean or maybe killing it, I don't know. He not only believes his father could have been the Zodiac killer, but Ding. Ding Ding, he thinks he killed the Black Dahlia as well. Oh. Yeah. What like why? Like my dad did this and this, and also this, it's like let's just bring the hammer down. Right. Just throw everything in the kitchen sink along with it. Coffin also described tarrant as someone who talks about killing often. Often which the same could be said for us now, that makes me nervous. So like I'm not the Zodiac killer in case anybody was wondering read tweet. Let me just state that for the record. Was He like one of those people that was like Oh my God shut up I'm GonNa tell you or was it like I'm going to kill which I say it all the time like I'm GonNa kill you you do so. Now. Nervous. Somebody could bring this fourth later and I back up a little more. Go over here. Thank you. There was ultimately no solid proof which I'm sure is not shocking, but a fair amount of links came about which is why the theory still endures to today and still they're still does. Seven. A number seven. This week is Ross Sullivan. There is a history channel documentary featuring sallow Barbara, a retired LAPD homicide detective. WHO believes the evidence supports Sullivan as possible suspect. Tom Listening. So there's quite a few fingers to point out Ross Sullivan Ooh, we're going to start with the smaller I have ten. So let's do it I. Don't know if we have that there's a few. So Ross. was never far from the bay area. We know that Zodiacs hotspot. Hotspot we do, and it feels like a lot of people are never far from everyone was in the bay area altogether, every the whole world's population just rammed into the bay area through. He always wore army boots, which is strange dot only because there were army blueprints found at the crime scenes, but also because that really wasn't a fashion trend at the time. Yeah. That makes sense. Now, we'd be like, okay. Army boots, people wear combat boots or. Thing like in the nineties, we would have been like who will never.

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