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He is clean I'm Gerry McNamara the one thing I want to bring up is is and this doesn't get talked about much but you cannot discount its importance and that's the fact that what you saw from the other candidates not named Bloomberg was a lot of anger well there's a lot of anger in their eyes I've for example normally when a candidate drops out you have a lot of people say look we know what he had to go through we're still in but we know what it is and we know it's been tough and we're glad that you were along with us because a lot of them are in the same states and everything else and they know what it is to campaign for that length of time remember most of the cat is candidates have been doing this for almost a year now right you think about it you know nine months to a year they've been doing this and all the sudden a man who is using his billionaire white privilege I'm using that because that's something that liberals talk about any consistent basis by passes it all by passes the first aid debates where I believe he would have been smoked if you decided to get in and do it in the the the normal way and then doesn't even enter a primary until super Tuesday until March when most of them have been going nine months to a year and thinks that he can just be annoyed it in and then you cannot discount the memo that his campaign put out yesterday that said that Hey some of these candidates I think was three the candidates need to get out so Bernie Sanders doesn't win but he stays in the Bloomberg stays in right or or just someone salted but they will have it by that and so don't expect that the pounding isn't going to stop now against against Bloomberg no they don't want him to gain traction no they don't you know you look at super Tuesday actually March has a the the brunt of the the delegates in terms of all the other primaries that are that are slated Bloomberg let's say he doesn't perform on super Tuesday does he drop out I say he probably goes through March I see go through March he got because you may go through further remember his people on the payroll that is already paid through November exam matter what exactly there's no reason for him to stay the money is already there he's already he's already carved out whatever budget in his mind it is and that's that's what he's going to do that's what that's and so he's not going anywhere until end of March at the earliest remember understand this TV money as we just mentioned TV money for anybody who's not a billionaire in the race means dire in him yes eighteen million is the most it's been spent right eighteen right Bloomberg three hundred million dollars right he's got plenty you're talking about a party work envy and jealousy are the two main components of the ideology that they espouse okay force it's going to take off a ton of people yes I mean you look at the I this is why I think the Nate silver forecasters hold and this is you look at the where the delegate count is Bernie there's about an eighty percent chance right now the Bernie walks and with under sixteen hundred delegates in eighth nineteen ninety one for it not so well they that whoever it is needs nineteen ninety one about thirty nine seventy nine total they go into a I mean I don't know the chaos remember the last time the twenty sixteen there was chaos the first day when the Bernie supporters showed up that's partly that in fact that's that's the reason they changed how the super delegates work at the primary or at the convention rather and that they won't vote until the second round unless someone reaches fifty go over fifty percent of the delegates well super delegates will sit out until the second round well then what happens you know all the conspiracy theories or theories I guess you know of Hillary being ushered in or R. or whatever it is I'm not sure which of those I put more weight into if if any of them but the fact of the matter is I don't know what the part what's worse for the party that birdie becomes the nominee with so many believing he can't win for a brokered convention I.

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