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Celebrating our independence Day. It's like Christmas in July. You didn't think I needed it, and we need to laugh about it. But that's given what I know about the fantasy of lights. It does. It sounds like it's Christmas in July. It sounds awesome. But it isn't a Christmas thing because it's very patriotic. Right. Joe was making jokes like that machine That makes a funny No. Because I just don't want people to think it's Christmas because it's very patriotic, right. You got a lot of red white blue. I thought I was being so much green and red. That's a bunch of red, white blue, and it's what's really cool about it, too. It's an experience more than anything, because you will have music playing as you enter the show. You said your radio station to the appropriate station in it, and it's synchronized to the light. Did you come as you go through the lights, and there's a couple of tunnels. I might gave everything away because there's the band does seem invested a lot of money in new lights to create this experience. You'll be driving through a couple of tunnels and in those tunnels, you're going. You're going to see some things that are absolutely amazing all around to celebrate our independence day. If you have al green, I'll cry. I'm just going to say I'm sure music is playing. I'm gonna be. I'm gonna be a match to know what Tom This was such a good idea, because if anyone at any time in the history of America needs to come together and feel patriotic, it's right now. Absolutely absolutely and and we really wanted to make it. Ah, friendly for everyone and the families and we reduced the prices low, only $10 for vehicle. Come in many a time You wanted the five night? Uh, afterwards. If you want to go again, it's again. It's only $10 each time you want to drive through it. The only one thing that we can accommodate is buses. Because the turns in the light experiences sight But, you know, you know, regular small vans and cars are totally welcome to drive through this experience..

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