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Held up to one. Hundred mailers and sprinted over the top that it got exposed to a bit you beckon these horses that need to be cuddled up to that year. Hundred eight amok. It'd be very not really betting propositions. But think about rachel king against craig williams in the last fifteen. May i think i did that. I might strengthen the jockey make a difference. I think craig williams is an aunt standing junkie and a list eight throw as you meant. Use eight or what to me. He goes they throw them over the line and they actually do and we talk about this a lot. A lot of people don't give jockeys the credit they deserve. Good jockeys are for raising yorkies. Die get who's to as we call it go. They get them to go and i think he did that. We especially over the last hundred meters with tiffany. She did nothing wrong on fico when she wrote an absolute trade but her strengthens of raw her balance. In the soft hand i get. She gets it to relax her strength. Easing in a driving. Finish against craig. Williams. one is a no. It's not and i will say though if one is on the back of tiffany. I don't think the results as you say evaluation needs to be cuddled up and it gets that split. Lighten can accelerate i. She couldn't have written it any better. She couldn't she do. She did a great job and she has one group ones before. She's she's a good solid jockey. She's not in the class of jamie carbon. she's a good jockey. Yep let's get to the last going to talk about this rice a little bit. Because i think it's important because it gets the last group one of the rising seas and touched. We talk on that in weeks time. Half a second and so i'd standard. Tom twenty three three to eleven thousand. Six zip time last four hundred two hundred very good. What do you want to take out of the rice. Obviously the not is brooklyn hassle. Who comes more or less looked like a travel. Either to be honest craig. Williams i wanna bay and this is a horse. Have you've mentioned plenty of talent. It needs a soft tempo this based because it's got such a great turn of foot you don't wanna nfl. ron rise. because i'm telling you it doesn't produce. It's based slowly run rice. She comes home fast. She got the results can win. A tutsi are she. She can't what are your again. I think probably came. But i don't think there's much between all are always worried. Johnny car going off his horse she got it go last start but as on ancient instead of the show craig. Williams is not far off that jay. Mac jake is solely level of jockey who can get horses to do writings. They haven't done. Before what i want to take it. Okay was off. I think the white book because it was off two months draws terribly woj little carries fifty kilos carries the full penalty for a three or out guys to test tiara to for drive. Carry fifty five and a half. This is the older man's we'll fifty seven. Think it's going to be really well placed. There's one caveat on giants mcdonnell. Just stay on it. Josh donaldson we can win. The rice giants don't goes off. And it's not jimmy. Carter going on and it's not creams going on i'm wired about okay. Cape coveted by from on a stock on the in saw as we talked about garibaldi could say decelerating accelerated just stuck in their own pilot grant funding along. If you can get watergate think this new zealand may has got some ability. She shied with a groupon pricing last time in new zealand trout. Well before this rise are think given hell even if she can get the raw ron shaking win attached to our as well. That's really good for the is because after these rice containment will oversee was clearly well fan and ends up putting second or third in the market market trends towards it containing by was actually push get that runners any. That's right right in the day test era. Benny signed container by. She ran second behind each site. She's a really good man. She are on with odium. We'll be back after the break..

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