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Through this post that we spoke earlier of this famous actress year syrup bernard. I just think it's really really interesting. Unlike nikko said there's a low of artists that you probably don't realize for to the term of art nouveau. We'll even win. I was like redon more their series. When said william morris yeah and then when also looked at the iron cross movement. I was like my god is is totally and that's what inspired dark nouveau of nature and celebrate ne. They were very much. Cain of yeah. It's everything obata is just so interested in. And even when i was reading japan funds by. They're not look at japanese worked. I was looking at of course all very interesting. Actually because y japan played such a big role. Because that's an international travel by started to really open up because a lot of glasgow artists of the glasgow boys. Not the glasgow for the glasgow. Boys were very influenced by japanese art and also they started to run residencies between this win. The whole are like pairing setis percentage where you go somewhere and you're like birmingham paired with nuremberg germany. And what high is that so we We're actually glasgow's actually period with nuremberg was essentially. But there's Seti period and i knew why i don't know why don't know of the history of. I know that it happens. But you know the opened up for residencies but it was it was can i do know cultural exchange program and his embracing that and that's really really important but also another very famous art nouveau artists for example. Some as gustaf clint. Who's very famous exactly. So it's very famous for the cast. Yeah and you know has beautiful gold series Again very very or need very decorative very dream light on. Yeah very all encompassing of the movement cynical. Is there anything else on that. You feel like it's really important that we knew in for me. I think it's a personal thing. I really think aren't if it was something. That the we off graphic design and the use of tape offi Is something that's very prominent. There's an awfully because it was advertisement so he would have to use tape. Boker faint away that not only would complement the work but was also worked for the advertisement. Because obviously he's paid to show off the product so stadi- interesting to see higher. He was able to do what he loved to do. But also in a way that would complement the product. Never really had to give up on his true self.

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