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Share some of the most difficult times in my life and the good thing about this episode is their bevy shares. How difficult times in her life turned into a wonderful opportunities. And it's all in her book bev relations and we just kind of going off those same things of how you can turn pain into purpose. I'm so excited to introduce my next guest. They are times. We just start talking. And that's just how we do. She is a sirius. Xm radio host television personality entrepreneur fashion. This sta just so many additives that are just related to her and author of her new book. That i'm excited about beverly at the chuck can see that. It's in my hand but please welcome to my podcast. bevy smith. I love you michelle. I'm so happy to be with you. And i have to tell you. I was ten seconds off cancelling mic entire afternoon of interviews. Because i'm like exhausted. And i thought you were my last interview and i said well. I'm not gonna cancel a michelle. 'cause i knew that we were going to have the best conversation ever. Yes so yes we love you. I love you. Thank you. And i'm proud of you and everything that you just continued to stand in tip in your stellato's in and i'll just ask you. I mean i think we just see you as this fierce confident woman is not a show is not a mask it is who that's who you are but are there moments where you're like. I can't be strong today even today. Where you're like i'm tired. I was exhausted. I woke up this morning way too early. Did some work by the time. I was waiting to see it was time to get back to work. I mean some. Get up for work. So i got my. Did i actually went on clubhouse. And i started groom call. I did get enough sleep last night. But i have a very busy day. Because i think it's important to have transparency because like you said there are times when even the most upbeat hers. Even the first incontinent person would ever think someone has like a going on. They don't feel one hundred percent of the michelle contrary to popular belief. I am not the strong black woman. I have no desire to be outraged to be her. And i don't want to be her so i grew up with You know a fabulous father who was very much a caretaker at caregiver in a provider. So i like to be provided on Asking for help as you know when we were getting ready for this to young men behind me doing things they might beautiful signs the book or less a mother andrea best part is all the adopted son's primarily that i have in my life and You know so our goal. My son's it'd be like mother does not know how to do x y and z. Come and do this mother mother how to do with come into mapa because mother has no interest in learning how to do certain things i feel like people should be doing them for me and the strong black woman feels like she could do it all herself. I am not that woman. Dijana catch what she said. 'cause we live in a society and maybe songs like independent women be to blame by the way. Don't catch that and be posted and think i'm ashamed and i've here for independent women. Okay so don't do that. It's not independent woman song this the problem. What is the problem is when people feel like we're supposed to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. There's no one there to assist us. And we're supposed to be the take the mother civilization we all those things will be all just human come on everyone who is just a human being needs someone to lift them up at times needs a shoulder to lean on needs a shoulder to cry on. So i'm very proficient. Act baring my soul. But that wasn't always the case. Ms shannon. I talk about that in my book. Relations left yellow among the best. I took a back. Those burnable spaces that had defined myself in so that. I could be the better person than i am. Today are people shot when you're vulnerable. Yes anymore as much but they used to be very very shocked because believe it or not michelle. I was a much tougher cookie. When i was a fashion advertising executives man when i was working at five in that rolling stone magazine around crack the wit i was tough as nails and that was the problem for me because then when i need it something than when i wasn't feeling great he wouldn't even take what i was saying. Seriously like. you have a okay on. You know you've got this guy actually dollar. I'm about to have a nervous breakdown war. And so i had to learn that you know. I'm in my book. I talk about giving into the core of who you are and then understanding how you're being perceived and then tacking into how you will like to be perceived and that's how you you should really have a navigate your life as far as like the way you want to position yourself in this world so from as the red soul proposition right. So someone say something. Many mother re facebook sir okay and that was definitely one of the questions. Y'all once again. I- y'all are listening to bevy smith her new book. Beverly sion's lessons from a mother. Auntie investi which we all need one of the three or author in our life and she also all three of and we're always all three of them as women as yes right. Let's say did your many mother. But i know your actual onto the am six of them. And i day shawn no your best to admit a bunch of his man so you know we all tap into that and so this book is about tapping into that also knowledge in that person. 'cause i'm i've been mothered by people. Were not mind. I've been mugged by a woman who was literally two or three years older than me. They call aunt diane. We hung out together industries but she was so emotionally like three years older than me. She was just wiser. She had such a different outlook on life. Issues aren't dining in. And then the mother you know. Miss norma is mother than me. We have all of these different amazing connections relationships. And that's really what i'm talking about. That subtitle is about the relationships. The connections in the love that we experience. What surprised you the most after you were done writing your book will what i will tell. You is what surprised me the most out while promoting the book is that so many people supported me is such a huge way if i because we read it like okay. What advice the she go. Give you on the stories that you tell about your relationships as it relates to sacks and shopping like yes please i did defy surprisingly yes missile identifies with some things in this book. Ladies and gentlemen a shell. Did you enjoy the manhunt chapter. Talk about the failed relationships. And.

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