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So they have certain amounts that they have to pay out to their retirees every year. They have to be able to generate a certain amount of yield for the, for the fund to continue to perform. And for a lot of these, it's not looking so good yet. Bitcoin continues to over, over a longer term perform incredibly well versus, I mean, it's basically the best performing asset on the planet. So maybe the pressure is building there. Go ahead, Peter. I was just going to say, Lisa, maybe you should grab the report that Mike posted up there in the nest and give that to your daughter and tell her to send that along to the endowment, to the president of the college. Yeah, that's a great idea. Yeah, Mike sent that to me, I think yesterday morning before 7am. And it was like the coolest thing to get first thing in the morning. It was like, of course, the allocation recommendation should be 84%. I mean, Don't you think that that would work have the day that the opposite effect of what you're looking for, though, because they don't take it seriously now, right? Like if you if you say to somebody who's managing risk, you should make an 84 plus percent allocation to any asset, they're gonna probably think you're completely off your rocker. Well, it can be used as an argument to say it's okay, you don't need to, like, maybe you err on the side of caution and don't utilize the 84 % metric as a as their pension fund, just get your toes wet with like a three to 5 % allocation or something like that. Be like, you should de -risk your portfolio and buy some Bitcoin. Well, yeah, and on the difference between the endowment and the pension funds, I mean, I'm very close to a wealth manager that's here in Texas, who manages a public endowment for one of the universities. He also manages money for one of the oil titans family is like been in the oil business for near bought their first field almost 100 years ago, and it's still producing. So this wealth manager is very well known in Texas, and he has a lot of these big families that he has a portion of their wealth that he manages anyway. So I gave him the BlackRock report last night, and he was hugely eager to read it, said he'd read it with give it a lot of attention. And what I said to him is forget the 84 % allocation to Bitcoin. I mean, if BlackRock has 10 trillion dollars of assets, what's 1 % due to the price of Bitcoin? What does 1 % do? And I mean, he gets it, but these people collectively that are involved in these processes are not 25, and they're not on Bitcoin Twitter. It's going to take a while.

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