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Solomon dot com y o r a m s o l o m o n dot com and i want to ask you about one of your other books which is until creativity how corporate america can out innovates startups where do you how do you where did you get the title on kill creativity because it's compelling but it's also a little scary well you'd actually came from an article that came from theresa amodio theresa anabela is a professor for she initially was professor first psychology but then moved to the business school in harvard and she wrote an article and i'm trying to remember i think the year was ninety eight and the title of the article was how to kill creativity and she gave her model both the factors that affect three to the indoor workplace she wrote books seems dan and she was my hero in that area of what affects creativity organizations are used a lot of her work in my dissertation that was on the same topic why are people so much more creative when they work in startups then when they working mature companies and i thought that when he was i was ready to not only explain why those differences are but what can large companies due to be as creative as startups because i truly believed that every company has the potential of being the most innovative company in the world and it's just a matter of culture so when i put together all those rules and all those processes and things that companies need to do i thought that the best title would be to kind of close the cycle close this circle with theresa arrogance article how secure creativity and write a book on how to kill creativity so it is fascinating so explain that to us if you were just going to give us the the and you gave us the reason for it but how do you how do you do that how do you know the culture starting with you so how do you really make that work how do you build that right culture.

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