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Swung swansong the future hall of Famer hoping for one more crack at the playoffs. But I m e playoff hopes the big hit today is they fell in Toronto one seventeen one zero nine in overtime four. Other teams also battling for those three remaining east layoffs spots. That includes the Brooklyn nets in Orlando Magic, they can both clinched playoff berth with with winds today over the peyser and Celtics pistons and Hornets also still with a chance they face each other later on college basketball, the women's national championship game except for today at six eastern three Pacific Notre Dame taking on Baylor bolt schools trying to capture a third national title the men's national championship game. Tomorrow night eastern, six Pacific Virginia against Texas. Tech schools have never played in the title game do Zion Williamson, adding more heart. Where to his collection the consensus number one overall pick in the upcoming NBA draft was named Naismith men's player of the year and Arkansas finalizing a deal with the vodka coach. Eric musselman's be the next Razorbacks, headman hockey news. The Florida Panthers of fire code, Bob. Oop ner Panthers reportedly eyeing former Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville as a replacement and the saber is a fire their head coach Phil Housley on the diamond NB Swanson just now with a walk off hit the Braves edge. The Marlins five four the Phillies trail the twins one nothing on the sex. When Reese op Skains came to the play with the man on the three to swing and a high thri left field fairly deep resigned. Always back to the track at the wall big. It's. Hoskins wins the battle to the whole run tests. Clearing, the wall three seventy four side. It's that Scott, Frankie.

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