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Of north highlands, Sacramento. This past Saturday two suspects were alternately arrested following at least three individual pursuits. CHP nor sack spokesman saying that's Mike surface, saying five year goals were impounded about ten about a dozen citations were issued the large would be called sideshow was first reported near watt avenue in Larchmont drive in north highlands about one hundred vehicles involved at that point. I tell you. I can't even do the story Louis without getting back into our music sideshow now. Oh, yes. Man. Authorities started receiving multiple phone calls around nine twenty pm spinning donuts and burnouts that kind of stuff they said. Another great south from that time. Absolutely. Thirties arrived on the scene. One of the drivers fled northbound and Larchmont. I hit a parked car fence. Driver taken into custody. CHP the squad cars the helicopters long with Sacramento county sheriff's deputies responding to the initial side show, but when the north highlands show was broken up participants relocated till del Paso heights near grant high school. They were chased out of that spot fairly quickly. They say but relocated second time to north market drive near the promenade. By this point, the show ground to.

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