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What daily deposit? I'm constantly working toward like if I say I want freedom, I define it and put a deli deposit toward it every day. Wow. Yeah Yeah this is Oh, it's so hard not to just fan girl all over your your. Abby lous bake you okay, it is time for the famous four questions. These are the same four questions we ask them. All of our guests tiffany. Are you ready? I am ready, okay? What is your favorite finance book? Favorite Finance Book is smart. Women Finish Rich by David Bach early, so the last time you were on you, said the automatic millionaire. My David Buck yes. You are a fan. Yes Smart Women Finish Rich, awesome awesome! What do you think is the biggest mistake? People make when teaching their kids about money. The biggest mistake people make when teaching kids about money is to teach them from a place of fear. Kids are pretty fearless. You talk about money with a fearful tone. They inherit that tone. Love it. That's a great answer off to think about that. At, what is your best piece of advice for people who are just starting out? So my best piece of advice if you're just starting out, is to do what I call simple and soon those are my two favorite words so not to overcomplicated I. Get. You're like I'm not ready for a budget. You don't need to be go to HR. Typically most paychecks can be split up to four different ways. I had my husband do this for different ways for even if it's a huge company, most small companies will allow you to do so to so from the very beginning. Go to HR, and ask them to split your check and here's what you're gonNA WANNA. Do you're gonNA WANNA have some of your check put into bills account, so he can pay bills from that account. Have some your check put into a checking.

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