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I say without carol yet. Way lucky just goes about his life just getting what he wants by asking for it and also into. Yeah like you know how often we're kind of like if you don't see that kind of thing and he he just is. it wasn't even like phoenix. People felt sorry for me is like the more fell in love with him as a person and he's personality so it's it kind of starts off with him as he was a clown like working is a clown but he got fired. I think he something happened But he ended up. Becoming walking. Stokes e football club is a kitman slush team moscow for for the manager lou macari at the time and then he will get another job. We didn't even get your base. He just hangs around my unity and becomes kind of like a student liaison officer like not even knowing asked him is unpaid. He basically just hang around like talk to the students like everyone in love with him and fifty s later. We ended up getting on degree from there. It's just it's such a lovely feel good film just like radio just just nice and what was cool things as well So the guy who plays newborn toby jones he's brin- and but no boots actually appears from time to time in the film. Oh wow like. There's a scene where taibbi jones is sitting on the bench. Then looks his left in voting. That and they have like a chat like vice-like he's actually like is twin to random person. He's talking to new all amazing. He's kind of like asking him. How did you feel when this happened. Kind of thing. And like the Of the and then there's like a couple like lou macari. Who i said was the stick. See at a time. I'm here was also playoff. Football platform by my favorite not mentioned knighted and he also appears in the film luckily cameo at the end with like the actor. He plays just just really cool film. Everyone at like Went through song with a learning to people picking on him especially like the kind of football environment. Like like you know lads imbros and that kind of stuff like in the changing rooms but then people like fell in love with him in fact even on as he made like a an appearance full society as a saab in a friendly game which is a a really nice touch Just really odd recommend anyone to watch it like just a radio just a bit man. That sounds great. I didn't know anything about it. That sounds that sounds great Divisive like yeah we. We've still got access to the sky. So let's just chat with him Yeah and the guy eventually makarios. Well recently i think this week is well He some articles. He opened them curry center. Which is like a massive warehouse where he's hosting a like homeless people in like pods. So shot him will my final number five. The it's a bit of a departure. But i love this when i was growing up as a teenager..

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