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They. Trying to wiggle my nose. It doesn't. It's more of a Chin Wag like I, said now what I want to say is I i. also think that when Nicole Kidman is doing is more of a Chin Wagle especially if you look at Elizabeth Montgomery in the original show, the magic trick of it was her, no seems to wiggle without the rest of her face moving that much. And on Nicole Kidman you could see the effort and so much of the movie is based around people seeing her. Do the nose thing and going Oh my God. How do you do that I can't believe. I remember there being stories about how she worked on the nose for like two years. She recalls her face some crazy. It's like she's trying to get a bigger out without picking their nose. That's what it looks like right well. Put thank you here. We I. WanNa Watch Elizabeth Montgomery to see. 'CAUSE! You know. The cartoon. Right and so the cartoon winkles its nose as well and obviously. That's very prominent nose wiggling, but she knows what. She's wiggling her damn cheeks. That's what she's doing. Also if you're magic, you should have the ability just to isolate your your nose. That could be part of your magic to live in another realm. What are the rules of? This is a mini series on the films. Of Nora Ephron. It's called. You've got podcast. And sometimes when we announce a director, people go I. Don't get it. WHAT'S THE ARC? That's just like they made a lot of hit comedies. Like what's what is that? Here's the thing about effort. Aside from the fact that her successful movies are very much worth talking about the influence. They had and the weirdness of how they came to be. She's got some big swings and some big bounces now the other bounces. I feel like our movies are people are just like what people didn't like the movies right? But also they did not even register. This is like the movie came out and people were like no, no, no, thank you enough for me, right? This is like abouts. Big Pre existing Ip big too big movie stars kind of at their peak moments. Huge budget big summer release. I feel like this one. When you explain mixed nuts to people, people say. I can't believe that exists I've never heard of it. When you explain bewitched to people, they go. Oh, right I forgot that existed, but also that's what that fucking movie is about actually. They spent practically forty years trying to crack up a witch movie, and that's what we got. I day we're talking to which is high concept, the Sitcom. Ready. high-concept enough, you could have just at the end of this movie. They tease that the couple is now becoming bewitch and I just wrote in my notes. I would watch that movie. Let me just watch that ritually into scenarios. That sounds fun. Let's have some which. I'm going to speed through some some things here, but our guest today. But the normal podcast is their name for the romantic comedy podcast. It's not who knows when it's going to come out to yeah. Okay, there's no. And untitled Dana Schwartz. Romantic comedy podcast. Ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for having me? Of course, of course, of course, of course now you've seen this movie before. Yeah! I was I was talking about it. I was a big bewitched fan. Growing up. My mom had watched it growing up, so she had all the DVD's think. There would be maybe they. They would ever. But we I watched old, bewitched, I had multiple seasons as big old school bewitched fan and I distinctly remember going to the theater to seeing this to see this movie with my mom, and I remember liking it. And I enjoyed it and this was the first moment where. Like. Eleven or twelve just for context so I was like twelve year old, going to see this movie and I liked it. I was like. Oh, it has the cadence and look of movie the same waste sure. It's a movie and I remember. This was the first movie where I saw like reviews or like rob tomatoes, and it got obviously savaged for very good reason, and this was the first time as a young person. I was like Oh movies that I like. Our thought were good. Maybe aren't good. Yeah, yes, and so now I watched this movie as an adult and I was like Oh. This movie is a disaster. I thought I had seen this movie I had a false memory of seeing this movie. My my sister, passing future guests Romley, Newman. Huge Classic Sitcom Fan Mostly Watch Classic Sitcoms as a young child because she doesn't. Especially at a young age did not like conflict. She liked high-concept charm comedy. Everything's wrapped up in twenty two minutes, anything but too much conflict with stress her out and she didn't like watching shows with kids in them. So. She watched a lot of classic comes, but which was one of her favorites. My mom took her to see it and I. Thought I had seen this movie because my mom and Romley Bromley. Who must have been seven at the time? explained it to me in depth, and it was seared into my brain, as I can't believe those things happen in this movie. Well I. This movie came out in two thousand and five. I was working at the Boston. Phoenix was a little intern college intern boy. And I lived in Boston. I. Didn't have many friends, so I would go see movies all the fucking time by myself. And so I saw bewitched by myself I guess mostly probably out of boredom, but also like I was, I, was all in on welfare, so I think I was probably just like well, you know. Maybe he's going to. He'll. He'll be good I. Don't know. Advertising was all welfare all welfare him going like Sherp all that. The trailers all feral homeless. Hummus. The height of comedy is saying saying with a little. That's that's such. A two thousand five show is just what if I pronounced something correctly right? and this is i. mean this is his big flop year. We're GONNA. Talk about it. Because I was GONNA. Say I was all in on him. And this is going to have to be a lot of career context. Feral I feel like we haven't really talked about before. Gibbons come up before right. But you know we can talk. Kidman, yeah, there's career context on both of these that are kind of crucial I. This movie just made me feel so bad for Nicole Kidman. Any gorgeous woman who has started movies were her romantic lead was Tom Cruise and McGregor should never have to pretend to be attracted to will Ferrell, and certainly not with with this infamous character. especially a lovely man would ever in this care in this context. I'm trying to figure out just how to organize I'M GONNA I'M GONNA slowing. Okay I'm going to start with the first. Build Act during this film. Nicole Kidman. Yes, the reason she's I built is this is three years removed from an Oscar win hours. She's two years when he's. Let's say because of the time that movies take to get made. Three years is where you really see the full force test of someone's Power Post Oscar win. It's like these are the projects that they're signing onto right after the Oscar that go through our full incubation period development, right? That's exactly what I'm talking about because the year after the you know the two thousand and three year after the hours she's in the human stain, supporting role whatever shop. And Cold Mountain which is you know big a collaboration with Anthony. Gallo obviously a big deal movie, but also was in the works before she won the Oscar..

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