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Yeah, Renee duress. I think you're really getting at the conditions that we created. That has helped make these narratives and things so powerful. Speaking of Russia are real part is James Tweets Parlor's just the Russian sponsored version of gabbed. We get these all the time, and they never take off. Remember conservative media? Do they have an article on parlor? Couple things their first. What do you think? Is the staying power of something like a parlor? I mean, they've mentioned that they're that they're growth has been to 10 Million, but remind us if you could about just the relative size of Twitter, which I guess is its competitors. And then the other question. I just wanted to ask you is there have been some questions raised about Um, Father having ties to Russia. Do you know if there's anything there? Great question. We'll tear to your first point. It's true parlor has grown exponentially in the past week, but at at president has you know something like 10 Million users. Twitter has hundreds of thousands. I think the latest statistic is 330 million Excuse a million users. This book has billions of users. So we're really talking about a small fish in a very big pond here on Dove course, The reason that social networks catch on is because of network effects. If there are more people there If they're bigger followings of all your friends and everyone you want to talk to you is on the network, then that's a reason to stay. But sort of without those network effects. It is very possible that parlor like so many of The other APS in this space will just sort of fizzled and die to your second question about the relationship to Russia. John Massey is married to a Russian woman. And so there have been some questions about the relationship. Between her family the origins of the APP on but potential influence of Russian actors on some of the policies into signs of parlor. I'm not sure that any of that has been proven out yet, but what I will say for sure is that with all the recent attention and scrutiny to adapt like parlor people will definitely start to be asking these questions more seriously digging a little more deeply and trying to unravel what's really going on. Well, the sister writes Donald Trump, the Republican Party and their supporters are choosing to live in a reality of their making a reality counter to democratic ideals and Western values with news that they're seeking to further isolate themselves in their own propaganda. Media APS What will it take to bring them back to reality? Really duress. I definitely want to get to that question of what it will take to bring that back to reality. And I also wanted by their listeners to weigh in if they have thoughts on how we regain trust in sort of this offline, real world in order to help fuel maybe greater trust and accountability in the social media world. But I guess one of the things that I would love to talk with you a little bit about is just the degree to which you you are concerned that these kinds of sort of isolated social networks can create real and felt and potentially violent consequences on the ground. Do you have some examples that you know if you are worried that that you feel like are illustrative of why Sure it's a great question, so One of the real Just to drown with the with the listener had had alluded to the idea of bespoke realities. You can create a reality of your own making. That's the dynamic that we're familiar with on social platforms, and it exists to different degrees depending on what platform you're on. On Facebook, particularly in the group's context. You do see things that people you know people in the communities you've joined or the communities that have been pushed to you are sharing. And so there is this thing dynamic of the Echo chamber, and there's a difference between an echo chamber and just a closed community. It's kind of a knish, you know, maybe academic. Kind of geek definition. But the idea of an echo chamber is a community of people who actively reject the troops outside of their community. So if you are in a community and you know, you may be a passionate, liberal or passionate conservative, but you don't summarily dismiss anything coming from the other side's media. As you know, false on its face, right? You still engaged with it? Once you're involved in these more insular communities, that's where you start to see more of the kind of radicalization dynamics come into play the idea that you're only seeing content and anything that is not coming from your trusted sources. Your trusted politicians, your trusted institutions. Anything else. Anything that they do not say is false. And so that's the dynamic. That people are concerned about when it comes to thinking about more insular, closed spaces where people are are definitely not going to see any counter content, or, you know for using the Democratic ideal, you know, the Democratic ideal here of counter speech, right? The antidote to bad speech is More speech. This is the principle upon which free speech rests that the claims, however, that when a fact check is appended to the president's tweet that that it's censorship, as opposed to contextual ization, That's where we start getting into some some signals that there are really Troubling dynamics at play, because rather than seeing that look, here's this. Here's what a fact checker has to say about this statement. The the There are a lot of audiences that are just outraged at the audacity that the platform would do something like that. They see it as a Growth of parlor, so they're punctuated periods. I've been on parlor since December, 2018 or so, so I've had an account for quite some time. And it has been. I joined in part because epic times and Aunt Edie are just Extraordinarily active on there. They posting every you know 3 to 7 minutes, just kind of an eye like an analgesic feet of their headlines. And I was kind of fascinated by that dynamic by the fact that epic was on their long before Fox News influencers came on. They didn't come on until the wave with Ted Cruz and and folks in around the mid 2020 timeframe. So this is then, eh? Really significant shift the publications that were active on there. The news media the entities that were pushing out content to people who were on parlor early in, it's in. It's in creation. Were the more um Nish content, and that's what you're continuing to see. There's been a really interesting divide. Now we're even Fox News is being rejected by some parts of the people who are very, very deeply in this ecosystem who believe that because Fox News called Arizona for Joe Biden and his, you know also of the opinion that Joe Biden won the presidential election, so in other words, in keeping with facts What they're looking for, instead is engagement with O and a newsmax and more extreme fringe media that are telling them what they want to hear. And that is, that is I think the real danger that you you immerse yourself in a space where you are on, Lee told what you want to hear. Buy properties that are financially incentivized to keep telling you what you want to hear. And then eventually there is a crash because your reality Doesn't comport with actual reality, And that's where there's the tendency for something like violence among communities of people who are absolutely convinced that the election has been stolen. Right. So what does it tell you that when? Yeah, you've had maybe say a fox news that has been supporting your reality for a really long time doing the bare minimum in terms of fact checking or, you know Saying who won the presidential election and how by something as logical as vote counts that it actually rather than moderating people's views and saying, Oh, okay, like, maybe I should accept this because I trust this new source because it's been you know something that I believed in and and supported my views for so long. Rather than doing that. It ends up actually driving people toward Newsmax in Oh, yes. And as you were saying, you know these other alternative alternative platforms. You what does it say about where we're at a guess as a society? Rene duress.

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