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Energy. Spirit these scoring goals and now has become a central figure for the Dallas Stars. And he's got Stanley Cup. Championship pedigree knows what it's about to go through the battle. Wow, what a gutsy performance by the Dallas stars Hang in there. Hang in there. And find a way to win this game in the second over time and stay alive in this Siri's hits, three games to two Damn. Look what happens. Joe Pavelski, a free agent signing scores another big goal, this time to tie it in this in the third period together it overtime. Corey Perry. Another free, aging free agent signing. Just when you think these players of the game is past Abi, where the speed of the game has passed them by, you get these two players that understand what it's like to go through the battle in to stay with it to score, big goals and And so Pavelski ties it. Corey Perry wins it. And we and the star still have life. Absolutely. It now goes Thegame six on Monday night, but here in double overtime at 9 23 of the second overtime Corey Perry, with his second goal of the game, wins it for Dallas. 3 to 2 and the Siri's is still alive. Jo and I will be back with some final thoughts. But up next Steve Goldstein rejoins us with a postgame report. In conjunction with NBC Sports..

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