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A frustrated up comedian. I figured since. I can't beat them. I will join them so here. We are and i'm pretty excited about this. Normally when we start off the show. It's please tell me how we met and somebody'll cute quaint. Little story something to that effect or they'll talk about their prestigious background. Since i have nothing of that with any of these folks. Let's do this best joke brian. I'm not. I'm gonna booger. Your name again lessening. Is brian jess. I'm brian gendron. Hello brian gendron. One liner comic. Like some of these guys. Somebody use somebody else's joke that i adore local houston comic. One of the funniest at student is names. Adedeji looking up he's His joke is Downloaded this new. Athem my to help me from texting and driving. It's called net flicks nice. I liked that. I like that next to me. Jamie jamie ruin exactly yes. she's gotta alias. I knew welcome on. Thank you so much. Yeah i i am not a comic. I'll say i will be comic. Hopefully someday the men. I'm sitting with our comex so Yeah i i will just say i. I'm not a clown. I'm an aspiring clown sparring clown. I like that rob mongol. Yes nice to meet you. Nice to meet you figured out we. We'd match other. We've run in the same circles for a number of years. Exactly turkish bath thousands now. Well maybe welcome on thank you. What's the jack. Oh well i don't really. I'll tell you this is not my best joke. Okay but it's it's. It's a joke. That i like to tell when you need to do something quick. What do you call a thousand lesbians with machine-guns man militia ethridge pawn nice. I'll i'm here all week. Waitstaff drive homes. Yeah exactly on the far left. We have american got talent. Own andy huggins. Yeah shy just paid off my student loan like that. I like that. that's it all right. Good night everybody right. We'll be back next week now. But i appreciate you guys coming on One of the places. I wanna start that you guys may not know but you guys i think will appreciate so. We'll start over. Here is the talked about houston back in the day with wrap that we were the third coast the ghetto boys bun b etc back in the early eighties. I mean we were the third coast for comedy. I mean bill. Hicks sam kennison. A lot of folks got their start here brett butler the vidal And t- sean who we've been talking about writer for saturday night live Hold on we've got to do this for t- sean in emmy award winning emmy award winning T sean shannon and Cheryl holiday who did a lot of writing for tv. A was a a a comic the workshop comedy workshop..

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