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You give us nine, seven, nine and seven would make you sweat because that could maybe signed factor into the play on that with Carolina ceelo, Minnesota, Green Bay Carolina New Orleans, Atlanta, the ram, y'all, sneaking. You realize all these teams eventually have to actually play each other and they're going to beat up on each other and the team that I mentioned go beat up on y'all like the eagles go beat up on y'all, but here's the things in looking at your wide receivers, somebody that someone said, I read that somewhere that you guys have the worth receiving core while receive entire. They're all football. Yeah. They said that any chance you guys have that to one go have to be most now if we hadn't had a running back, what? When MVP, since Adrian Peterson in two thousand twelve because normally the quarterback gets a lion share of the credit, the one, the rushing title, his rookie year that was rookie of the year. So the. Quarterback gets a lot of the credit, but this is what we know those wide receivers, if the Cowboys to do anything as a team in especially this offense, gonna show what they're made. Ezekiel going to have to have eighteen. You scared of that no little nervous. I expect you expect it expect eighteen hundred plus what if he, it's two thousand plus? Well, he definitely gonna win the two thousand and then you got, well, what would the. The Vikings. Adrian Peterson, rush with two thousand ninety. Seven now believe is better than Christian pond about loan loan. That's a big Consolo loan way. Yeah, but you still going to seven even with two thousand yards being getting to say, eighteen plus not plus two hundred. So I gave you your point about rhythm. I agree. You're exactly right. The first team offense did not play enough. I don't get it. I don't support it. I can't defend it so point made for one Shannon. Sharpe also do not love it that Travis Frederick. This is just one of those not meant to be things. He winds up with this rare auto immune disease. I don't know how long he's going to be out. They say, maybe it'll be back sooner than later because they caught it sooner than later. But I don't know what that means. Is he going to be gone for half a year four games or I don't know. A lot of people who know this disease say it's going to be one year. It would be a year. Well, he's right up there in the top three centers. Oh, football's a big loss. Randy Gregory as we speak is meeting with some chief medical director, the NFL up in Chicago, and I don't really understand why, because nobody seems to know exactly why, but he's got to convince him that he has conformed to all the policies that he has to conform to what. What? What are the when you take a kiss if he passed the test? What do you mean conform? Oh, he's in stage three of the NFL drug program. So I don't know another one he's going for year, but I'm saying, skip it. If they can test you ten times a month. If he if he passed all the tests, don't if he's not done anything, he did. He miss one. New Mitha test is aimed say, tail test, I agree, but is he going to try to argues way out of something like that. He now lives with a sober partner who's with him all through camp out here in southern California, and it's gone back to Dallas with him. So something going on with that. I have no idea, but obviously he's a big piece of what could be a huge pass rush. It could be the strength of this defense, yes..

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