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Something over and over again, But you think one day you're gonna get a different result. Your gambling in the Wall Street casino in risky investments year after year, and you're not growing your investment. Guns were not growing your retirement funds. You're not getting ahead of yourself. You're not making any returns. You might be losing money. But you think everything is going to change and all of a sudden going to start making some good returns. You gonna have funds that are safe folks, That's insane. You need to stop gambling. Stop the insanity. Stop the madness to come to the phone right now. Call the number 888755 88 87 Again the number Triple 875587 Get the plight of Anthony Perry. Get all the details, read all the fine print that first your bonus up to 15 to 20% and Anthony, you can earn up to 678% per year for the purpose of generating future lifetime income. 67 or 8% per year for the purpose of generating future lifetime income. Isn't it marvelous? That's great, and these programs short and fix the newest, very conventional and assured they're insured by very large and highly rated insurance companies. If you choose to take one's immediately, there were different ways you could do that lifetime income all of the programs that we recommend an offer. You take lifetime income and you learn lifetime income that you could never outlive. You could take your required minimum distribution immediately in your fixed annuity, or you could let it sit there and grow and take all of it. A term closed account down the road. We call that conventional Conventional was like any other investment. Let's sit there and grow. You could pass it on to beneficiary. Great guests on wealth to your beneficiary if you don't need the funds in your lifetime conventional safe 678% per year for the purpose of generating future lifetime income. What a marvelous way to particular well. 888755 88 87 is the number Triple 8755 88 87 Anthony. Let's talk about these first year bonuses up to 15 to 20% will run. Insurance companies offer bonuses on many fixed annuity programs, and it's very customary in the insurance industry. They've been doing insurance for over 200 years, and you get a bonus. Some of these programs of up to 15 to 20%. That's real. That's real money. That's your money that money that you have access to later when you want to start taking distributions that money that you could use with your earnings to take lifetime income, all of the programs As we said, have wonderful lifetime income features. That bonus of 15 to 20% is money that you could pass on to you. Beneficiary. If you don't need that money in your lifetime conventional casted on T Beneficiary 15 to 20% bonus. The best way to assure your retirement phone's safe conventional. We talk a lot here on safe money, talk radio aboutthe Wall Street Casino and how it's broken for the main street investor. How we.

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