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Technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red, a 15 now time for Dave Johnson. I know you might be drinking coffee, but think about what chuck Thompson, the Hall of Fame announcer used to say. Now this is chuck Thompson for Bill O'Donnell and Charlie ekman saying to bear Cole. Well, it seems to be a Baltimore, the beer eliminated whatever your beverage of choice. Cold again and Baltimore because the Orioles are hot as 7 four win over the wild card leading Blue Jays. Hey, you gotta love all those homers room over us where the three of them Homer in the first inning to start the whole party, but for Brandon Hyde, he's thinking about the other side. He's not talked about enough, honestly, is how well we're playing defense. That's a huge difference in the years past here is what we're doing defense. Those double plays did not get turned for the last few years. Including a big, bad double plays in the 5th and 9th, they need to secure the win. The Orioles only a game out of the wild card. Aaron judge hit his 44th Homer Yankees stop a 5 game losing streak beat the Mariners 9 to four. And Chicago had different story for the nationals, newcomer Luke voigt and home run, nice, but a 6 three loss of cubs. At commander's camp, offensive lineman Sam Cosby, yeah, he's getting used to the new quarterback in town, Carson Wentz. A stud when it comes to being back there has a really good canon and can move. So, you know, it's different play. The guys play differently, but you know, you get adjusted to it and having him back there has been great. Next up, our offensive lineman really the smartest. And Serena Williams and picking up her first win in more than a year as the 40 year old competing in Toronto. Wow, 40 maybe it is a new 30. Dave Johnson, WTO sports. The top stories we're following for you this morning on WTO P, the FBI searched former president Trump's Florida

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