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And the way that that shot the whole thing of him in the booth, and then the cops outside and the way that the one black cop is talking to the white cop through the mirror, though. He he knows that the guy came here, but the ways call him like a honky son of a bitch. Just like, that's so nice. Because we we do have a lot when it comes to race and class when it comes to this film as we did with the other films as well. You know, there's no orientalist and here, but we do have Mexico as being this foreign land, and that really comes into place far as you know, the rules. Don't apply here in Mexico as they do in the states. Yeah. I think we go to just to get back to the initial seines. We're gonna give it shed after an can sense. And who does a terrific Stanwick impersonation as the God to the Melwood colony? And then he does Brennan in Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, as will that goes a lot necessarily do carry us through that part of the narrative. Nicely. A love of subversiveness to how he subverts like that the tropes we associate not just with a private -tective flex, but also specifically with Philip Marlowe flex there's always that serve Elisha cook junior character kind of following Marlow around kind of thing. And here you have that character played by this very dimwitted serve wanna be wise guy that that illegal tomorrow just doesn't even bother trying to like shake shake off his trail. He just walks up to them gives them the addresses where I'm going case. You lose me. You know, I kind of wondered where that guy came from. It felt like there was more to that relationship at times. And that's the thing with this movies at times, it feels like it's just being kind of held together. More by momentum than other things that Fred about, you know. We've heard like, oh, yeah. They're supposed to be opening bit with Philip Marlowe going to office building where there was Sam Spade. These other private at Texas working, and that I don't think ever really made it into the final cut. But there were other things that I read about like, oh, yeah, they're supposed to be more of a connecting seem between this and that and this other piece and this other piece and then all been cut them out right at the last minute. And it's like, okay. I can kinda see that. Because there are times where I'm just like, I'm not really sure how he just got from you know, point L two point. And so where's em in the middle of this? But it works. It all works for me. It almost adds that dream like nature. This move is just we're there with Marlowe on that sleepwalk some rumors rounded, Steve McQueen was gotta do a Hemi a Sam spied in a scene with mother. I heard he just showed up on set that day. But I wasn't sure. Yeah. Look to myself, but. Steve McQueen, take this out of the movie, I think he was an enormous star at the time and the having pumping the play another character would remind this is a movie and taking this out of the of Jody where on and we talked about the way that for mixing these different actors together to make this wonderful, Stu, I was very impressed with Nina van Pailin role. I thought that she did an interesting job of it. I don't know if she was great or good, but she definitely held my interest because I couldn't necessarily ever figure who out and I think that's the perfect kind of fen phen tall role where you never really know where the coming from. They really took her role in the from the book to a whole different place. You know, like she didn't melt murder, Sylvia Lennox. She doesn't murder Roger Wade. She's complicit in the crime because she and terrier still together..

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