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Four in Seminole county will get you updated on that and whether in just a moment right now Florida's lieutenant governor Jeanette Nunez is with us the lieutenant governor is also in charge of the department of health genet lieutenant governor great to have you back thank you so much for having me always great to be on with you so governor to Santis was here in Orlando today I think we have about thirty people that are being tested for corona virus in Orange County and when when the governor and you and the White House and everybody says everything that could be done is being done or we're taking all these precautions people want to know exactly what are those precautions what is the state of Florida doing well let's talk a little bit about how we got here right so beginning of January our department of health started to monitor the situation what was occurring in China we were consulting with the CDC making sure we were up to date stockpiling equipment analyzing and ensuring we had all the appropriate resources that we're going to need in the event of a of an outbreak here Florida ended January the World Health Organization declared a public health emergency up followed by the secretary of health and Human Services secretary aides are which time we continue to escalate and you operationalize our planning and then on March first governor distinta issued an executive order which directed the state Surgeon General to declare a public health emergency as well the people ask me well what does that mean what are the preventative measures we can take though there's a lot of information out there and I'm happy to answer any specific questions you have but we want people to understand that the most effective means of preventing further spread of the cove in nineteen is to really ensure that you are limiting exposure we want to make sure that if you are sick you stay home you don't send your child to school wash your hands frequently make sure you're following those hand hygiene measures that are really very effective and so right now we have monitored over nine hundred individuals and of those nine hundred plus individuals we are down to roughly two hundred and fifty individuals that are monitored okay I do want to remind listeners as well not only are you in charge of the department of health but you were representative of Miami I believe you dealt with the Zeka virus outbreak there I don't know if there are any similarities but you certainly have experience in dealing with major health concerns like this let me tell you some of the things I ask you some of the things lieutenant governor that listeners are asking us a lot of folks are concerned about the ports we've heard a lot about the airports all the Chinese goods that move through those ports and of course you know the thousands and thousands of cruise line passengers that are here every day sure well that's an excellent point obviously we want to make sure that our port not just our airport that our ports are protected as well on the federal government overseas jurisdiction with regard to flights and things of that nature so they are really CD in terms of guidance as to the CDC directing what we are to do in terms of screening I understand that we are going to be speaking with folks from the court council on making sure that they have those preventative measures and played on I know the cruise lines do an excellent job in making sure that there are disseminating the same message about washing your hands are limited contact if you're sick you're quarantined on the ship so there's there's a lot of things that are being done but we certainly want to be as responsive to individual concern that the governor had been at the forefront of all that will continue to have called I know the department of health is available to answer any specific questions the most important thing to recognize is not the threat to the immediate public remains low the only way you can get this is obviously if you come into close contact with an infected person if you touch your hand your eyes your mouth that's why hand washing is so important so this is very similar to the flu in fact yet we have yet to talk about the flu we've been at the department of health we've been talking about flu vaccines for months now we have fourteen thousand deaths roughly in the United States due to flu but but that's something I want people to keep in perspective the risk is low you can take measures to protect yourself and it is not necessary to pass yeah that is exactly the message that we've been trying to put out on the air hearing news ninety six point five W. DPO is if you're taking precautions that you would or should already be taken as far as not trying to get the flu common sense you know do all those basic things and if you would before we let you go people don't need to be stocking up on medical supplies or water or any of that and some of the things that we're hearing from people that are out shopping no you know obviously people want to be prepared and we understand that so but but from the standpoint of stockpiling hand sanitizer and things of that nature you know we have not gotten that guidance received the we do not necessarily you know people combine math math if you're not sick are completely useless they do not provide any any protections though you people just need to keep everything in perspective lieutenant governor today yes breaking it down for us we greatly appreciate it you that and I will talk to you soon thank you so much bye bye six forty four on a windows evening news we'll get to traffic in a moment first Tom terris back.

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