TIM, Tennis, John Mcenroe discussed on First and Last - Sexist or Not?


Uh the world tennis association organizations the one that qualifies i mean she plays in a female classifications um if if if john mcenroe does it make that decision i mean that's that's the thing and and i understand everybody's getting frustrated and the feathers ruffled like you said but if we also i understand that it's human nature as far as the get defensive whenever we talk about gender or religion or race and that just you know everybody's entitled to their own opinions it he could have gone without saying you know number seven hundred he could up in like you said earlier there was a couple you know things that he could have health back on but i mean that's just the reality on it what what do you think i agree with you one or two in how you classified everything in broken all down i uh one of the tweet the tweets we god you let us know at wsb enter at espn radio uh t you says like tim was just saying tennis itself separates gender so it's disgusted separately if she was on the men's circuit would her career she had this r a record i mean it it's a sensitive issue i maybe i spoke a little too soon yesterday when i was complimenting everyone for not letting the snowball into something that was huge it has since done that over the next day and their system strong accusations this is not an expert from john mcenroe's book.

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