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There's not there's no motivation because we get into this third movie. Right. Does group that is devoted to suppressing superheroes? If it was a plan. Trilogy could have been developed slightly over two other movies, and we'd get into this. And we just assume their primary motivation is to suppress superheroes. And all this given is God shall not walk amongst us or every X men movie ever like they do that every single one of those. That's every politician in every X men movie. And that's the okay, it is what it is. But like that didn't give me enough to really think these people are all that evil that just popped up. It could have been developed a little more. I don't know how you do that. But it's not it's not like you learned something over. The course of years and then find out the twist, it's like this person. You just met is part of something you never heard of before. And that's supposed to resonate with me. It's tough. What if that's what if it's an expert crossover in? It's just Charles comes out and tries to talk to his his own character air comes out Charles Eric dig about this. There's two X men crossovers annotate joys in new mutants and also James mcevoy's, doctor, whatever X, Dr Geck's, that's like the Sam's Club version of professor x did you hear that the kid that played David Dunn's son in that was the son from gladiator because the second I looked it up it made complete sense to me. Same exact face face. Didn't change it all just got taller. I don't know. He he couldn't look any less like Bruce Willis. Yeah. That's the bigger point go back to getting what's his name fucking do gauge Joseph Gordon Levitt in your prestigious makeup. Key. He played his son in number two. Yeah. Well, but okay. So I've been trashing on this movie. But what I did like is there a few enjoyable parts. I did like when they're in the facility, and there's a lot of talking because at least it was somewhat interesting, especially with. Just seeing the different personalities James McEvoy. And that's really what we liked to split. We got more of that here. I like Samuel Jackson in this one. But once it hits that third act. It's just kind of just give it get it over with and the whole thing ins with them sitting at a train station or whatever it is although via train station. Yeah. Everybody's happy. It's fine. But it wasn't horrible. It just I think that it's it's one it's tough to tie everything. Together. You got two movies that really have nothing to do with each other except like an ending sequence in one and you're trying to make a trilogy title together. Stiff ical. I don't know if he did a good job of tying it all together. But I think it was. Decently competent movie in somewhat interesting. Great colors are great. It didn't make a great pilot the yellow on the beast. Bro. Like twenty got that the vein pumping action going. Oh, dude. He's fucking yoked. Don't understand that goes back and forth and playing for Rex to him. Get rid of threats or just just don't the character. I'd rather keep playing this character. He's so fucking good. James neck, always so good in this role. Charles. Do most the Newton the humans trawls nut joining this group of humans who are very secret, but all have the same tattoo on a very visible place. By the way, split definitely came out in two thousand seventeen because it was nominated for Goss car that just broke my brain from it, really. James McEvoy was up for best actor at our award show. The gospel is coming soon. My thing is what was the point of doing this?.

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