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And could be they could involve premium software that's a very it's a very obvious one but the the open source core software will always be free and open source and we can always provide additional services are tablet on but for now it's really really important that we focus on just going community building at the system getting as many people on board as possible and an in helping helping this thing grow you guys have funding or is this just all on your own dime or house patriots so su there's the open system and then we do have a company that is a the largest contributor to to algae the protocol mercy editor and yes our company companies funding we we raised four million dollars back in in january and we'd raised one nine dollars two years before that from union square ventures from the vote rama confident sean fisher in dc g and looks capital and we raise money so that we could get put enough resources into the protocol and put it into the community and get get started been grow i'm but there can be other companies that are contributing to the system in that have just as much taken assistance we not the software's on blasters because they're probably some of the biggest experts yes exactly we was the most jewish and with where we have z cash and there's disease cash was zeke as electric one company on the others many companies that can be built a topsy cash but there's a there's one company that employs the greatest experts on c cash and they contribute on and they keep going plying back into the system.

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