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Connected. Stay informed Cho, Mo Saturday. Good morning. It is 11 02 I'm Kelly Bleyer. With the top local stories from the Comb 0 24 7 News Center Governor Inslee met with self sync South King County leaders pushing for more compliance when it comes to mask use in our fight against Cove in 19 That was Jeff Pooja will report saying the area is a hotbed for the Corona virus. The governor reiterated the need to mask our business leaders expressed appreciation for the state is doing To encourage mask usage, and I am appreciative of the business leaders. You are stepping up to the plate in the state of Washington encouraged people to use mass ends early, said he and the leaders in South Kane County are unified in their efforts to fight the disease. Jeff Pooja look Comeau news protesters once again converge near the federal courthouse in Portland last night. As the actions of federal agents come under fire. Portland police and federal authorities deployed CS Tear gas outside the courthouse to disperse the crowd. And an Oregon U. S attorney is opening an investigation into reports of federal officers, arresting people in unmarked vans and the state attorney general announced a lawsuit against multiple federal agencies. It follows six weeks of nightly protests that often and in violent clashes with police. Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan has vetoed the payroll tax bill, but it will still become law. The payroll taxes the successor to the failed head tax, and it passed with a veto proof majority on the City Council. Durkin returned the bill on sign, saying it will have a devastating effect on local business. But with supermajority support among council members, it will still become law. Detectives investigating the death of both the police officer Jonathan Shoop, now say it appears he was killed by his partner who was returning fire on a suspect, officer Aaron Snell, with the Snohomish County multiple agency response team says They've been chasing a man who opened fire on the driver's side of the patrol car. We believe that multiple shots were fired from inside of that vehicle. Endearing that, uh, training Officer Officer come sure. Fired multiple times with one of those shots, striking and killing the officer shoot in that crossfire, he says. Officer Mustafa come sure was wounded in the head but is expected to be okay. Officer come shirt had been field training officer Shoup, The 37 year old suspect was caught in charged with first degree murder, attempted murder and vehicular assault. Someone whose time is 11 04 time Tio Take another check of area roadways.

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