Mark Stein, Florida, Barack Obama discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Mark stein in for rush let us go now to bobby newman and bobby is a third generation member of a cigar manufacturing ibo florida jc newman if you've been in that part of florida you'll know that that is sagar central it was ciga central since the late i think around the late nineteenth century it's it's been a major cigar producing center in until obama's fda regulations came along bobby it's great it's great to have you with us on the show your still your your continuing this tradition in florida one hundred and twenty third year market i i wanna tell you thank you for having me on we we watch out for big fox news sans we see on tucker carlson hannity almost nightly and rush limbaugh a huge cigar aficionado fan and you're right what what's happened this is obama's first act acted he passed first law was the the tobacco control act gave the fda the authority to regulate cigarettes then as often happens we became an unintended consequences quantum sequence because two years ago in twenty sixteen the fda apply the same strict in incredibly costly regulations to premium cigars and it's crushing not only our company in tampa that our business partner the trophy went to folks it's crushing.

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