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With you. Jason Fitz will join us in a little bit. And we have to have a discussion with him. We'll get to that a little bit later but wow. The NBA draft as expected and also very interesting on a lot of. Yeah. And you're so happy today. A lot of people think maybe you're happy because USA one yesterday. It was over your team or the draft was last night. All those things are true, but it's not what you really happy today. Yesterday was they today's pines day, they go to Pinehurst. First leg of the wingo Cup contest this summer. Saudi citing to get down there with pre sheet everyone's entries into all that obviously, it was a lot of fun. Getting to pick people were excited about this year's group winters, and get drunk on this year's group of this winners. Lot of millionaires made last night. A lot of teenagers and all that shit right there. A bit. Great way to put a lot of teenagers getting rich. And it's awesome. Like to watch this life changing moment. Big night for guys crying. I'm proud of them as a guy who cries a fair amount. That was an awesome to see these guys will especially because we listen, Ziya Williams that we knew it was gonna be the number one overall pick for about midway through the basketball season this year in college. And he knew that too, I'm sure it is hard heart, but to see the moment still hit him like that was awesome. Yeah. Can we can we forever? Get rid of the phrase crying, like a baby because I'm for the phrase crime, like a may. Yeah. Right. Let's cry like men. Whenever something gets you. And it touches your soul and get you, you get all the fields the good spot. That's a good thing. That's a bad thing, that's up a baby. That'd be it'll full with we'd seen so much of this kid and bubbly, great smiling personality. So that really kind of kind of like those like a while moment for me, and then. Kind of player after player was going through the emotions. And I your thought as well, I'm like this is actually pretty cool to see these kids who talked about the work that put in. I mean, kids writing goals down at twelve or I dreamed about this when I was four I mean guys are teenagers. They're talking about been working all my life for this, like, wait a minute. Hearing team nineteen years old. But this is what they've been doing. Yeah. Their lifespan during that life, your guy when I was four, I think, I wanna be a firefighter. I mean, it's these guys were a lot more set on their goals. At that point in time now picturing, you in a fire hat boots and the Cote holding the hose, and it's working exactly throw this out there. You know, the public before you had a bed wedding problems as your. I was I was, I was a cry and cry guy now oppose watering. It's all that one and go back and all of these guys having the motion, you it was for them to a lot of it seemed centered around, and I on this is especially true and for RJ obviously, it's a big moment for the kids in their parents. You saw I had that moment with his mom who we heard from retailer with coach all the way up until the time. He was fourteen RJ Barrett was up there with his dad, and obviously that got emotional for the two of them. And so you forget, it's a big culminating for all the families involved in this, too. Absolutely. So that the draft started as expected, the first three picks did go as expected and begun with Z day in New Orleans, you had Marty Smith out there in New Orleans, crowd surfing before the pick was made. Clearly, they were excited the pelicans and their fans were. And you mentioned how motions I got here is I n when the moment hit him, I mean..

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