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Didn't come along. So we're doing well Trump also tells the crowd they should fear migrant caravans that are hundreds of miles from the US border with Mexico caravan caravan into our country overwhelming, you schools, your hospitals, and you communities earlier today. Now, see we'll be issuing an executive order. He says was stop the migrants, including housing entire families in ten cities. Currently many asylum seekers are release while their cases make their way through the backlog courts a process that can take years the man accused of killing eleven people at a Pittsburgh synagogue was in court today, the AP's Mary Claire. AOL report because Albert Bowers has pleaded not guilty to the forty four count indictment. Charges him with hate crimes, including murdering eleven people hours walked into court today, which was in contrast to how he was on Monday when he responding in a wheelchair Bowers was shot and wounded by police who had responded to the attack on Saturday. If convicted the forty six year old long haul truck driver could get a death sentence. An official says discipline issues led to Whitey Bulger's transferred to the West Virginia prison where he was kill a federal law enforcement official briefed on the investigation into the fatal prison beating of gangster. James Whitey Bulger says Bolger was transferred to a federal prison in West Virginia this week because he had disciplinary problems at a federal prison in Florida. The eighty nine year old Bolger was beaten to death Tuesday, just hours after arriving at the facility in West Virginia. Bolger was serving a life sentence for his role in eleven killings. The official who spoke on condition of anonymity. Did not have specifics on Bulger's disciplinary problem. In florida. AP's? Mike cross you. This is AP radio news Google workers around the world walked out today protesting the company's handling of sexual misconduct allegations to enforce the.

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